"Sutherland means everything to me. It enables me to support my family and help my customers by doing what I love to do which is to resolve their issues and provide a solution."

- Mandeep D.

From India | Works in Rochester, NY | Joined SGS in 2005

"Simply put, Sutherland means opportunities. Sutherland has provided me with multiple opportunities within my program for advancement, training and overall development of my career. The skills learned at Sutherland at transferable in my personal as well as professional life."

- Carlos R.

From Colombia | Works in Windsor, CAN | Joined SGS in 2011

"The moment I joined Sutherland Global Services I felt that emotional connection with the company. That’s why Sutherland to me means Family, Future, and Career. I can’t thank this organization enough for believing in me. I am Sutherland’s next generation and I am working hard to make it all the way to the top. I am not here for a job; I am here for a career"

- Maria Y.

From Ecquador | Works in Las Vegas, NV | Joined SGS in 2012

"I am a stronger person because of Sutherland. The opportunity has allowed me to really plan for my future."

- Cameron B.

From California | Works in Las Vegas | Joined SGS in 2016