What We Do

Every day, technology is making the difficult, easy, and the impossible, possible. It’s not science fiction that an app for your refrigerator can remind you that you’re out of milk or that your doorbell can send you live video when a package arrives. But making this happen takes process, and process is what we do.

So what is process transformation?

It’s just another way of saying that we help companies change how they work. We designed a system that allows video gamers to reset their password with an avatar. We worked with a healthcare client to develop a mobile app that updates family members on a loved one’s status. We work behind the scenes helping companies monitor their Facebook and Twitter accounts to clue them in on what their customers are saying. And we make online recommendations to shoppers about the latest cool gear to buy for their dogs.

So, if you want to work for a place that assists the world’s biggest and best companies in finding fun and new ways to interact with their customers, Sutherland is that company.

We give you all the support and coaching you need to keep focused, reach your goals and be excited about your work. And the skills you learn will benefit you in your current job, and in any future job you may do here at Sutherland. Whether you’re a recent college graduate starting out, or in the middle of a life or career transition, or looking for stability while making a difference, your next step is simple:

Be you. Join us. Sutherland.

"The managers at Sutherland truly care about you and really want to help you succeed in your career."
- Cameron B.

Quick Facts About Our Company

>250MM Client's customer interactions annualy
>50M Savings delivered to our client's annualy
Women’s fashion retailer gains 67% improvement in sales conversions
$1B Collected annually for hospitals
>1000+ Incremental sales per month for a telecommunication company
>50% Decrease in profit loss for international hotel chains
$45B Of mortgage loans originated and underwritten
DOZENS Of customer journeys mapped
$6.4B Collected for our clients annually
$4.2B Of revenue generated for our clients annually