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Back Office Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a catalyst for business process transformation and innovation. It allows your best people to concentrate on the work that is strategically aligned to your business goals – the work that matters.

With Robotic Process Automation, you can easily automate business processes quickly and cost effectively without the need to create, replace or further develop expensive platforms. Finance & Accounting is a back-office function that is a perfect fit for RPA, as many of the processes are rules-based and can be easily performed by a robotic workforce.

Through our development of RPA, Sutherland has found that a 50-70 percent of work generally carried out by shared service, captive or outsourced operations can be automated leaving business exceptions, personal interactions, reviews or other judgment based work to be performed manually – moving these operations up the value chain.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Among its many advantages, RPA offers:

  • Dramatic cost-savings
  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Better quality
  • Improved audit and compliance analytics
  • The ability to move operations up the value chain

Robotic Process Automation benefits often include 40% to 70% labor cost-reductions and near-zero error rates. It's no surprise, therefore, that so many organizations are looking to RPA to automate, digitize and standardize the bulk of their repetitive back-office work.

RPA is a non-intrusive technology, which limits INFOSEC concerns, and provides for the fastest way to increase the performance, quality and insight to any repeatable process.

Why Sutherland's RPA Program?

Sutherland is one of the first service providers to strategically focus on RPA, and we currently run an extensive team of robotics experts who provide support to ongoing operations, driving improvements all the time. Both Everest Group and Horses have recognized us as a pioneer and leader in Robotic Process Automation for Sources (HfS).

In Everest's words: “(Sutherland) has made automation a key part of its proposition and is leveraging it to differentiate itself from other service providers that either rely heavily on offshore resources…”

Sutherland was also in the leader position in Horses for Sources' Robotic Premier League of BPO Service Providers. HfS called out Sutherland's "deep bench of RPA experts."

Our strategic focus on RPA has led to ongoing partnerships with key RPA technology providers, and prompted us to develop our exceptional internal RPA support center. We are ideally positioned to help organizations transform their businesses, as evidenced by the major RPA deployments we deliver across multiple sectors.

We believe in taking an integrated approach to BPO (iBPO). This end-to-end iBPO view of the revenue and cost sides of business operations enables our clients to make effective decisions and set the groundwork for predictable and sustainable business growth. To learn what RPA and Sutherland can do for you, schedule an appointment today with one of our F&A experts.