Enterprise Services

Service at the Speed of Innovation

New Age Digital Enterprises have changed the expectations of the customer like never before and user experience is now a key business metric. As organizations work to leverage all data sources to acquire, service, renew and expand their customer base, adoption of the enterprise’s services is linked to the retention and expansion goals of the enterprise.

Sutherland Global Services helps organizations improve customer experience and increase revenues generated, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Enterprise Services Business Overview: Key Differentiators

To fully understand the scope of our Enterprise Services segment, it’s important to distinguish our model from Sutherland’s traditional business process management services which are focused on consumer and business customer life cycle management. Sutherland Enterprise Services is a horizontal business segment spanning and serving multiple vertical markets – including Technology, Health Care, Retail, Telecom and Travel.

Our Enterprise Services business provides highly technical and highly experienced engineering, project management, database management, professional services, and remote software implementation as well as internal help desk functions.

With 26 locations in 19 different countries across the globe, we offer 24/7 Follow the Sun capabilities worldwide and are fluent in most major languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian, Portuguese (Brazilian and Spanish), Chinese and Japanese.

Our highly trained product services engineers (PSEs) have a great passion for technology and learning new processes, enabling them to assess, troubleshoot and resolve today’s increasingly complex, challenging Enterprise business problems. We work with a very diverse global client base on many of the world’s most mission-critical Enterprise systems. Our goal is to enable business success for our clients and their end-user customers.

Our Enterprise teams mirror the culture of the clients we represent. Through direct-line communication and collaboration with our clients’ engineers, Sutherland people become a seamless extension of the client's organization and have the ability to solve problems in real time. As a result of our employees’ successful performance and technical expertise, our clients’ customers experience a complete and seamless integration of our Enterprise team members on a global scale.