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Airline profitability has always been challenging. Factors such as rising fuel costs, a multitude of players, and evolving customer lifestyles and preferences have posed great challenges to airline operations. Airlines have realized the need for a radical strategy change to ensure survival and prosperity.

This requires cost reduction through efficient fleet planning, optimized network scheduling, and strategic interlining as well as increasing revenue through better inventory management practice, market segmentation, product differentiation, effective pricing, and superior customer service.

Sutherland Solutions

Sutherland helps clients in the aviation industry with its novel offering which manages both the cost and the revenue aspects of the business.

Revenue Management

  • Modeling & Forecasting - Demand, No-show, Overbooking
  • Analysis of RM data
  • Market Data Reporting and Analysis - MIDT,BIDT, TCN, BSP, Code Shares
  • Route Profitability
  • Corporate Reporting - MIS suite

Frequent Flier Analytics

  • Customer Segmentation - Clustering & Statistical Analysis
  • Customer Value and Share of Wallet
  • Reward Program Design & Funding Model
  • Marketing Campaign Designing & Strategies
  • Response Modeling & ROI Optimization
  • Attrition Management - Churn Modeling

Revenue Accounting

Interline Agreement (SPA/Codeshare) Management & Performance Analysis

Identify performing/non-performing Codeshare/SPA agreements; RBDs, yields, discounted pay, side trips etc;

Proviso Analysis & Structuring

Sales & Marketing

  • Agent Segmentation & Incentive Designing - Developing customized incentive programs/ORCs for the agents;
  • Sales Performance Reporting & Tracking
  • Market Mix Modeling - Optimal budget allocation across different media for effective advertising and promotion
  • Campaign Management & Tracking - End-to-end campaign management Solution

Fraud Management

Web-Sales Fraud Prevention

Online system based on probabilistic neuro-adaptive business rules engine to identify fraudulent bookings on airline website in real-time.

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