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While the matured retail markets are challenged to maintain and increase market shares through promotions and innovative loyalty programs, reducing cost through better managed supply chains, retailers in nascent retail markets are faced with questions of market entry and format strategy, store locations, category assortment decision, among many others.

Retail Business Process Transformation

Sutherland's retail solutions are focused on creating superior value by offering multi-dimensional solutions across geographies, retail business, format and maturity of the market. Sutherland classifies its retail offerings into two categories:

  • Retail Customer Knowledge Services
  • Retail Card Management Services

Retail Customer Knowledge Services

Retail Customer Knowledge Services Solutions enable retailers to deliver superior customer value and a highly attractive product assortment by generating meaningful insights from reams of retail transaction data. The service offering includes:

Customer Insights & Market Effectiveness

Creating attractive offers and treatment strategies for sustained customer loyalty and profitability through generating customer insights, segmentation , and statistical modeling.

Multi Channel Analytics

Combining insights from across channels (store, catalog, e-retail) for a measured response to market opportunities and customer service.

Category & Supply Chain Analytics

Through purchase behavior analysis, effective store management, and pricing decisions, we help ensure profitability to the retailer.

Operational Alignment

Determining the format for a new store market entry strategy, location, or customer cross-sell to align the business and capitalize on any retailing opportunities.

Retail Card Management Services

Retail Card Management Service Focuses on creating sustained customer loyalty through the management of a store-based card program. Sutherland’s superior understanding of retail data and processes – and by capitalizing on its banking and cards expertise -- provides end-to-end management services to retail store card portfolios.

Retail Business Process Transformation

These solutions enable a retailer to create effective cross sell strategies, continued customer engagement action; design store offers etc resulting in long term customer profitability.

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