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Information technology has rewritten the rules of customer engagement and business operations in the last decade, and the Web has become a potent channel for running businesses. From online retailers, Internet banking, and allied payment services to online flight bookings, bill payments, and even entertainment services, the Web has created another channel for reaching out to customers.

This multi-channel approach has created new business challenges, including: Optimal allocation of marketing strategies for attracting the right set of customers, generating customer insight to develop superior website design, increasing Web visits and conversion rates, and a wide range of cross-sell or up-sell strategies to enhance overall productivity as well as customer loyalty. The non-personal nature of customer interactions has added another great challenge in understanding customer dynamics and providing appropriate solutions to serve them.

Sutherland Solutions

Our comprehensive range of Web Analytic Solutions are focused on providing intelligent solutions to Web marketers, banks, and online transacting companies. The solution focuses on quantifying behavior of website visitors, enabling Web marketers to design the right set of products for their customers.

Web Analytic Solutions

These solutions cater to various needs across businesses ensuring increasing customer loyalty and strong conversion rates.

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