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Collaborative Innovation Portal

Incubate Great New Ideas

Many organizations struggle to incubate and nurture good ideas or then to operationalize these ideas for true business innovation:

  • Employees are not encouraged or rewarded for recommending innovative ways of approaching business challenges;
  • There are no established processes for capturing and giving serious consideration to new ideas;
  • It is difficult to get cross-stakeholder alignment on new approaches;
  • Once vetted, innovative ideas are not readily operationalized.

Sutherland Global Services’ (SGS) Collaborative Innovation Portal facilitates focus, dialog and community-building among team members to address the most pressing needs and compelling business innovation opportunities.

Nurture and Operationalize Innovation

The Collaborative Innovation Portal makes it easy for business teams and stakeholders to share, nurture and vet their ideas, and ultimately to track progress to their actualization.

  • Capture and Incubate Innovation Ideas: Based on a crowdsourcing model, both Sutherland team members and client stakeholders can submit ideas for process improvement and innovation. Ideas are reviewed, discussed and voted on by team members in a shared web-based portal environment. Stakeholders and team members can like or dislike the ideas and offer up thoughts and reactions to submitted ideas.
  • Vet Innovation Ideas with Cross-Stakeholder Committee: Ideas that are well-received are subsequently vetted by a joint steering committee made of up Sutherland and client stakeholder leaders. Ideas are vetted against criteria such as applicability, ease of deployment, strategy alignment, material impact, and financial considerations.
  • Operationalize Innovation through Project Managed Initiatives: Once approved, ideas are easily translated and rolled into project managed initiatives where progress is tracked through the systems.
  • Reward Programs for Idea Champions: Team members whose ideas are selected for execution earn a reward.

Don’t Miss Hidden BIG Opportunities

The Collaborative Innovation Portal compliments and enhances Sutherland’s suite of solutions and services to help clients drive innovative change, secure alignment and achieve continuous improvement in key enterprise initiatives. The Collaborative Innovation Portal and Sutherland’s structured project management approach simplifies complex initiatives. It facilitates key components of alignment, driving change through a single automated tool that brings a deeper level of engagement and transparency to all stakeholders. It encourages active dialogue and participation of team members to the goals of continuous improvement.