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SmartLeap™ Serves the Following:

Personal Computing & Home Digital Ecosystem: The platform has components that service a multitude of devices consumers use in their home digital ecosystem, including: the modem that connects the internet to their PC’s (connected wirelessly to routers), media players, set top boxes and much more.
SmartLeap Solutions

Mobility Ecosystem: SmartLeap™ supports a wide variety of mobile devices such as SmartPhones and Tablets running different operating systems including iOS, Android, BlackBerry etc. Using SmartLeap™, customers can easily backup / restore settings, setup mobile devices for optimal use and have simple issues fixed automatically without calling for support.

Small & Medium Businesses: SmartLeap™ provides a suite of tools that will seamlessly manage the office network of SMB customers. Sutherland provides support maintenance for PC’s and other gadgets. The platform has desktop and server management tools to monitor the status of the PC’s and servers in the network to guarantee maximum uptime and productivity.
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