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Health IT

At Sutherland, we believe that better health IT means better engagement with staff, improved care quality, and a great user experience.

Sutherland provides a range of solutions that address healthcare vendors’ triple constraints of time, budget, and bandwidth. With our cloud-based, clinically led IT services, Health IT are able to effectively and efficiently keep up with changes in technology and healthcare. Sutherland designs comprehensive systems tailored for healthcare environments that better engage employees and end users.

Explore the range of services available for Healthcare Health IT through Sutherland’s Digital, Business Process, and Customer Engagement Transformation services.
Digital Services

Digital Services

Design thinking and journey mapping are game changers for healthcare as consumerism becomes more embedded in the industry. Revamping and transforming the end-user experience will become a true differentiator in healthcare’s new era.

Our SmartHealthSolution suite is a portfolio of analytics offerings specifically designed to help healthcare Health IT create more personalized experiences that engage their end users, generate insights to improve outcomes, reduce waste, optimize profits, and handle healthcare’s complex and evolving regulations.

Customer Engagement Services

Customer Engagement Services

Care & Support (Clinical Help Desk)
If there’s any industry that requires a 24/7 clinical IT help desk, it’s healthcare. As new technology and systems are continually adopted, clinicians and employees will need continued help to work with these new tools. Whether it’s a simple question about downloading a file or a physician trying to document a patient’s life-threatening allergy prior to surgery, having an intelligent and capable IT help desk is imperative.

The speed of change and adaptation needed for healthcare Health IT has increased dramatically. To help successfully transition to new systems and procedures, we’re able to help healthcare organizations deliver training services to their employees and end users.

Business Process Services

Business Process Services

Health Information Management
This solution allows us to collect, organize, analyze, and integrate data to provide actionable insights into clinical, operational, and financial issues. We can provide analysis and key insights into a healthcare organization’s management that can reduce costs, enhance productivity, and increase revenue.

Custom Interface Development
To improve the user experience, many healthcare Health IT need to create custom interfaces for their users to help engage employees and simplify processes. Sutherland not only builds and re-engineers custom interfaces but it connects legacy and disparate systems all into one interface.

Product Engineering
These services help healthcare Health IT properly perform user-acceptance testing, product support and customization, installation, and post-installation support services.

We can help healthcare Health IT fulfill all their testing needs—from properly performing functional testing, load testing, performance and benchmark testing to regression testing and mobile application testing.