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Product Lifecycle Management

Product Engineering

As healthcare transforms to a more patient-centric model, with increased demands to improve care delivery and outcomes, key stakeholders are overwhelmed with a variety of consistently evolving products to help them meet the demands of this new digital area.

Sutherland is a leading provider of product engineering services to healthcare software vendors. We help manage the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, design and creation to customer services. Our product engineering services increase speed-to-market, improve quality, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Professional Services

Providing application deployment, customization, integration and 24x7 support services for end users is incredibly complex and costly for software vendors. Not only is talent expensive to acquire, train and retain, but the availability of qualified candidates in a regional labor pool is often times a major constraint.

At Sutherland, we leverage a global network of talented clinicians and digital experts with experience in all areas across the care continuum. Our consultants enable provision of 24x7, domain-oriented professional services, thereby resulting in lower costs and improved efficiency for the software vendor, as well as, enhanced experiences for end-users.

Product Support Services

Heightened customer expectations, a quickly evolving digital landscape, and high operational costs are some of the many challenges facing today’s healthcare software vendors. These factors impact effective provision of product support services to their end users.

Sutherland is a leading provider of product support services to healthcare software vendors. We guide our clients to provide their customers with tier-1 support services that helps them resolve their problems in a highly efficient and effective manner. This result is improved service levels and higher end-user satisfaction.

Clinical Validation Services

During product launch, ISVs must meet the expectations of their end-users, while also providing a seamless experience. The organizations that fail to deliver suffer the unfortunate consequences of added costs for product recalls and negative brand image. As a result, ISVs require strategic partners to fulfill their product engineering requirements, including imaging validation and verification, to stay viable and competitive, while reducing cost and remaining profitable.

Sutherland provides the full spectrum of services associated with product engineering of imaging modalities, from product innovation and conceptualization to installation and support. Sutherland’s Clinical Validation services put products to the test to detect defects and errors prior to the launch date, thereby avoiding expensive product recalls, time-consuming lawsuits, and dissatisfaction from end-users. Product testing is conducted by experienced clinicians for possible use case scenarios the product may be subject to in the real world.

Data Stewardship

Data Interoperability Services

Sutherland is a leading provider of data management solutions to the healthcare industry. Our data integration and interoperability services help connect disparate IT systems, eliminating the need for redundant data processing and reporting. Our services help improve visibility, sharing, and accuracy of data between applications and systems.

The ability to share data across multiple systems is a key component in the value-based healthcare era. Unfortunately, most healthcare organizations still lack the ability to integrate data and host interoperable IT systems. Efficient and effective management of data is time consuming, cost prohibitive and is a highly meticulous exercise, but has far reaching rewards. It provides stakeholders in the healthcare value chain with actionable insights, leading to improved operations and effective provision of care.

Data Archival Services

Our data archival solutions ensure valuable clinical and financial information is not lost, whenever old applications are replaced by new ones. We help organizations conform to the regulatory compliance requirements of maintaining accurate medical records for patients over multiple years at a fraction of the cost of keeping the legacy system live.

Sutherland’s data archival services help healthcare organizations store, merge, and convert valuable data when necessary. Our services ensure compliance with medical record regulations and minimize the risk of litigation and audit issues.

Quality Assurance

Independent Validation and Verification

Healthcare is one of the most regulated and complex industries in the world. Keeping up with the expectations of users, while ensuring products conform to the regulatory norms and are ready for use in the shortest amount of time, is a challenge that all stake holders of the healthcare value chain face.

Sutherland’s validation and verification services help reduce costs and increase the speed of development and deployment of healthcare applications. Our services help healthcare software vendors and their end users remain compliant with the latest mandates, regulations and trends, while also ensuring products are ready for use from both a technical and functional perspective.

Testing Automation

Sutherland’s testing automation solutions help save time and resources by implementing automation wherever possible in the software development lifecycle. This provides direct costs savings, faster regression cycles, and reduces errors for healthcare software vendors.

Application Development and Maintenance Services

Application Development and Maintenance

More than ever before, clients are looking for customized applications to deliver uninhibited interoperability in real-time. These demands are drastically changing the application development landscape and the dynamics between healthcare organizations and their IT partners. With the constant development of technology trends, healthcare organizations can no longer depend on pure-play application development. Nowadays, they are looking to engage strategic IT partners who can co-invest in the creation of an application eco-system to help drive business results.

Sutherland’s application development and maintenance services help healthcare vendors and end users develop, maintain, modernize, and integrate their applications in a qualitative, timely and cost-effective manner. By leveraging Sutherland’s SmartWorks agile methodology, clients benefit from shortened development lifecycles and quicker implementation timelines. Sutherland leverages it’s Devops practice to provide continuous support throughout the project with continuous improvements and milestone-based tracking of progress, resulting in improved business performance.

Application Modernization

With changing regulatory mandates and rapid advancements in technology, healthcare organizations face the complex task of keeping their technology stacks up-to-speed with all of the disruptive changes taking place in the healthcare industry.

Sutherland’s application modernization services help healthcare organizations keep at pace with the latest trends and technologies. We help healthcare organizations scale up their legacy applications to meet current requirements, adopt new platforms, and strengthen their application eco-system to become future-proof.

Application Integration Services

With increased demands for centralized operations, amidst inorganic expansion of organizations through mergers and acquisitions, creating an integrated network of applications in today’s world is a huge challenge. This has greatly affected patient care delivery, quality of care, and operational efficacy in healthcare organizations.

Our application integration services help clients create an effective integrated application eco-system to assimilate legacy systems, ancillary applications, hardware systems, and processes seamlessly. These services allow organizations to scale effortlessly, without any friction and fatigue brought on by a non-interoperable process.

Configuration services

There is no one-size-fits-all technology solution to accommodate everyone across the healthcare continuum. Each organization has different needs to consider based on the organizational culture, structure and environment. To properly deploy new technology solutions, healthcare organizations must go through the timely process of configuring their technology systems.

We work with clients to efficiently configure technology systems based on each organization’s unique situation. Our team of digital health experts will customize a technology-enabled solution for our client’s, ensuring all aspects are ready-to-go prior to live deployment in a healthcare setting.

End-User Engagement Services

Clinical Helpdesk

Healthcare continues to adopt new technologies and applications to improve care delivery and quality. During times of transition, clinicians and end users require guidance and assistance to help overcome the challenges hampering successful adoption of the new technology

Sutherland’s clinical helpdesk services provides 24/7 support for clinicians and end users to ensure they get the assistance they need, when they need it. These services help improve employee satisfaction and are imperative for successful adoption and realization of true ROI on technology investments.

Training Services

The importance of a thorough training program cannot be overstated. In-depth training promotes knowledge, productivity, and improves overall satisfaction. Unfortunately, with the rapid pace of change within the healthcare industry, many internal training departments are unable to keep up with training requirements, leading to quality issues.

Sutherland delivers domain intrinsic customizable training services to the healthcare industry. Our training programs give end users the comprehensive knowledge required to successfully handle any sort of transition or implementation of a new digital application. Our training services facilitates seamless implementations and transitions for our clients. v

Information Security Services

Security is of paramount importance in today’s world, especially for healthcare organizations. Many of the technological developments that have enhanced patient experience, such as EHRs, telemedicine, and the cloud, have also increased the number of opportunities for cyber security threats and data breaches. In the last 2 years. there has been a spike in the number of attacks on healthcare organizations. Today, healthcare is faced with security challenges ranging from advanced malware, phishing, unprotected assets to human error. Additionally, the challenge of adhering and maintaining compliance standards like HIPAA and HITRUST, while also keeping fines at bay add to the stress of running secure operations.

Sutherland has partnered with Paladion to leverage AI-Driven Managed Detection & Response (MDR) that combines artificial intelligence and automation with human expertise to deliver end-to-end threat management. MDR can rapidly anticipate, detect, and prevent next-generation attacks before they impact your organization. We offer an Advanced Healthcare SOC with MDR services at its core specifically for healthcare environments. We offer an Advanced Vulnerability Management for Healthcare – VM and remediation programs for network assets, medical devices and healthcare applications with additional support for Agile and DevOps teams. We also offer HIPAA Security Compliance as a Service – Risk Assessments to selection, implementation and monitoring of security controls.

The impact (value, savings)
  • Lowered total cost of ownership by 25%
  • Maximize clinical outcomes
  • Improve user adoption rates and experiences
  • Faster speed to market
  • Gain competitive advantage
Our experience
  • 30K annual EHR installations
  • 4,200 annual EHR upgrades
  • 10k physicians and clinical staff members trained annually
  • 15k interfaces implemented
  • 100+ hospital and clinic annual health IT implementations
Who we help
  • Health Software Vendors
  • Health Plans
  • Providers
  • Life Sciences and Clinical Research Organizations
  • Healthcare Diagnostics and Care Modality Companies
Our differentiators

Experienced team with diverse skillsets

Our team of experienced physicians, radiologists, clinicians, technology consultants, engineers, and health IT architects create customized solutions that are designed to optimize both clinical outcomes and end-user experience.


With the dynamic nature of the healthcare ecosystem rules and regulations have changed drastically. Healthcare organizations are finding it difficult not only to maintain market leading positions in their sphere of influence, but also to continuously innovate and deliver quality products and services.

To manage these variables, healthcare organizations are increasingly seeking strategic partnerships with vendors that can provide timely, cost effective and qualitative services, while also incorporating new trends in the industry, well ahead of the competition.

Sutherland is well poised to serve as a long-term strategic partner for our clients. Our goal is to align our services portfolio to the business objectives and strategic vision of client organizations. Through our partnership, we’ll share the risk of innovation on our dime, to bring transformative solutions to keep clients at the forefront of the digital era. Our years of unparalleled experience allows us to drive visible results in enhancing patient satisfaction, lowering costs, and increasing operational efficiency.

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