Partnering with Retail Brands to Stand Out in the Crowd

The pressure is on for retail companies to create curated omnichannel customer experiences while also optimizing for financial performance-- our digital transformation services are designed to do just that.

The retail industry is facing challenges that didn’t even exist a decade ago. From the Amazon Effect to bridging the mobile gap—retailers are dealing with changing consumer spending habits, the power of social media, and ever-shrinking margins.

Our range of services address the entire lifecycle of retail customers, transforming the end-to-end experience while optimizing your financial performance.

Digital Services

Digital Services

Using research, cognitive and data sciences, predictive analytics, AI, and film recording, we dive deep into the customer experience journey to uncover pain points and opportunities to build loyalty, drive business impact, and produce optimal customer experience outcomes.

Analytics & AI
We provide retailers a platform for cutting-edge retail analytics, including: eCommerce, Customer Analytics, Merchandising and Pricing Optimization, Supply Chain, Operation Analytics, Social Media, and Profitability Analytics.

Our industry-leading robotics technology can help retailers automate up to 60% of their back-office processes, creating major cost savings, and operational efficiencies. We can automate retail processes, such as merchant support, vendor inquiries, sales/seller support, order management, queue management, billing, invoice/order processing, and purchase order creation and management.

We offer two platforms to meet our retail customers’ needs.

  • Sutherland Engage: Our next-generation cloud-based omnichannel customer experience management platform. It is a first-of-its-kind, holistic, intelligent and integrated solution that provides businesses a 360-degree view of their customer's journey across all channels, assisted or automated, and drives lifetime value with every customer interaction.

    Engage quickly solves complex business problems by maintaining the integrity of the customer’s journey end-to-end, predicting the shopper’s intent and recommending next best actions to always deliver personalized experiences.

    It can easily integrate with enterprise applications to leverage existing customer data, process through the predictive analytics layer to personalize customer journeys, and, in turn, spur sales, build customer loyalty, increase lifetime value, and keep a laser focus on NPS scores. It helps to digitally analyze, curate, and manage customer investments to deliver differentiated experiences that drives revenue and protects margin.

  • Sutherland Storecast: Sutherland has developed a digitally transformative solution to help retailers optimize in-store sales conversion rates.

    Storecast provides a highly differentiated Sutherland-branded KPI (Store Conversion Potential - SCP) that calculates incremental sales potential for a given time horizon for each and every store within a retailer’s enterprise.

    Storecast then evaluates the impact of defined sales conversion drivers (store actions/operations) to identify, in real time, the best directives each store should implement to capture untapped revenue while achieving an optimal ROI.

    Through direct coaching and a robust testing process, we validate the impact of each conversion driver and directive has on revenue; We then support a rollout program to optimize and maximize SCP for each targeted store.

  • Chatbot Platform: Using AI-enabled digital assistants online, within mobile apps or across various messaging services, this platform automates customer interactions to help deflect live-agent contact volume, provide faster inquiry response times, increase engagement, and drive more personalization.

IT & Store Transformation Services
We provide IT Help Desk expertise that can transform in-store customer experiences and decrease employee turnover. We offer retail customers two types of IT services:

  • Tier-1 IT Help Desk Services, which includes the support of: POS, kiosk, mobile, hardware and software, telecommunications, and connectivity.
  • Store Health and Wellness Monitoring, which includes monitoring, reporting, issue detection, and analysis of store systems.

Customer Engagement Services

Customer Engagement Services

Satisfaction & Loyalty
Providing consistently positive experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle is critical to achieve customer loyalty. We provide people, process, and technology to support the digital transformation of your Customer Loyalty program with services including: Loyalty Program Support, Gift Card Support, Account Management, eCommerce Pre and Post-Sale Support, Shopper Assistance, Order Management, NPS Services, Inbound/Outbound Sales Support, Loyalty Analytics, CEM Platform, Customer Curriculum Design, and Management.

Premium Tech Support
We offer companies a smarter way to service their customers and all their devices by quickly resolving issues across every channel and touchpoint. We provide a full range of technical support capabilities through SmartLeap™, including Product Support, Pay for Support, Remote Software, Break-Fix Hardware Support and Set-up, and Usage Support.

Acquisition and Enrollment
From prospecting to acquisition, we support your Customer Acquisition program through a variety of services that ensure a seamless and positive omnichannel experience for your soon-to-be customers. Our Customer Engagement Transformation services include: Loyalty Program Support, Prospect Segmentation Models, Prospect Prioritization Models, Lead Funnel Conversion Analytics, and Acquisition Campaign Optimization Models.

Customer Experience
Creating a personalized customer experience requires a deep understanding of their behavior. With descriptive and predictive analytic models, we develop a 360-degree view of each customer. We identify insights into purchase and brand tendencies, channel preferences, churn propensity, LTV, and more. These insights help develop customer KPIs and Next Best Actions that can be used by customer service, sales associates, marketers, and even automated systems to provide a personalized customer experience—anytime, in any channel. These personalized experiences can be designed for new customer acquisition, retention, growth, churn, and win-back stages of the customer lifecycle. 

Care and Support
Sutherland ensures your customers’ needs are addressed wherever they engage. Our omnichannel customer management services are based on customer channel preference, including voice, chat, email, mobile, video, social media, IVR, and web. Through these channels we provide services for eCommerce, Pre- and Post-Sale Care, Loyalty Program Support, Gift Card Support, Private Label Support, Self Service, Web Content Moderation, and Automated Cross-Channel Digital Assistants.

Business Process Services

Business Process Services

Finance & Accounting (F&A)
To help combat shrinking profit margins and rising costs, we help transform retailers’ F&A processes by leveraging industry expertise, proprietary tools, economies of scale, global delivery capabilities, and a robust service delivery framework. 

We help our retail clients drive significant value by providing services in the following areas:

  • Order-to-Cash: this includes credit management, order and billing management, disputes and deductions, and reconciliations.
  • Record to Report: this includes GL accounting, month/quarter close, financial reconciliations fixed-asset/inter-company tax planning accounting/ reporting and analysis
  • Procure to Pay:  this includes accounts payable, p-card, T&E management, and reconciliations

Order Management

From shopping cart to returns management, we ensure that every step of your ordering and return processes are streamlined for efficiency to create a seamless positive customer experience. 

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The retail industry is facing challenges that didn’t even exist a decade ago. From the Amazon Effect to bridging the mobile gap—retailers are dealing with changing consumer spending habits, the power of social media, and ever-shrinking margins.


Our range of services address the entire lifecycle of retail customers, transforming the end-to-end experience while optimizing your financial performance.

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