Customer experience professionals key to AI adoption                          

Sutherland Editorial

Innovative technologies can deliver great experiences that customers desire, which will lead to continued brand and tech investment. ​

That’s according to Forrester Senior Analyst Jennifer Wise, who in a recent Q&A with Information Management discusses the roles customer experience professionals play in closing the gap between the potential technology offers and why customers would want or use those technologies. ​

She reflects on some of the concerns of emerging technologies and notes “companies have to ask if they are actually solving for a customer need (not just seeing what a technology can do), if it's easy for the person to learn how to interact, and if it’s creating a better experience than their alternatives. The gut-check: Is there a benefit in using the technology above and beyond what a person can already do?” ​

Wise notes customers want technologies to make their lives easier and quiet the overwhelming market saturation and information overload. Technologies such as AI can unburden decisions that cost time or stress. ​ Wise concludes with two key hurdles for businesses to overcome, but cautions “it all comes down to the customer wanting, and liking, the end experience.”​

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