Automation Innovation Conference 2017: The Key Takeaways

Sutherland Editorial

The good news coming out of the 2017 Automation Innovation Conference is the early ‘First Wave’ adaptors are sharing what they’ve learned. If your organization is just beginning to formulate a digital finance strategy, know you’re not alone. 80 % of companies are in the early stages of their automation journey. Organizations poised to catch the ‘Second Wave’ will benefit from the early adopter’s knowledge - making theirs a smoother, more informed ride.

If you are an enterprise looking to create a digital automation strategy to improve the end-to-end customer experience while lowering the cost of overall operations—these Automation Innovation Conference takeaways are for you. Thought leaders from both Sutherland and Avaya, an early adaptor, combined to deliver the timely insights below - infinitely valuable for any organization looking to gain a competitive advantage through digital finance transformation.

Be Prepared to Move Quickly with Eye on Long-Term

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products are evolving rapidly. It's important to keep in mind some products will be acquired, and others will be replaced, giving way to the next innovation. Therefore, a long-term, adaptable, strategy toward technology will benefit those organizations desiring to maintain agility through disruption.

Starting the journey with a clear end in mind can help an organization navigate the potential turbulence of emerging technologies. Creating a transformation road map, with a strong measurable business case and clear goals adaptable to shifts in technology is the start of an enterprise's long-term strategy.

Don’t Overlook Change Management

Your organization may be excited to paddle out with the early adaptors and prepare to catch the coming digital wave. But is your enterprise ready?

Catching this wave will mean big changes through each stage of the digital journey. And, managing these changes is vitally important to a smooth ride. Preparing for the monumental disruption automation can bring is frequently overlooked by organizations. Digital automation, which includes robotics, isn't a quick-fix, silver bullet. Your workforce will need a period to re-skill and adjust to their new digital coworkers.

Successful change management will also require collaboration across all business and support functions within the enterprise to break down silos and facilitate the adoption of innovation.

Leadership and a Focus on the Future

A successful journey requires consistent governance and milestones to measure and own success over time. This governance needs executive sponsorship which needs to include both the business and IT organizational ownership.

Executive sponsorship must proceed with a future-centric outlook while keeping in mind the significant changes emerging technologies will bring to automation. This forward focused perspective should also consider the tangible and intangible business benefits the organization desires to achieve through automation. Also, governance must embrace a holistic strategy powered by intelligent automation. Deploying random acts of automation outside of a plan is risky at best.

In Conclusion

Successfully riding the digital wave and automating finance across the enterprise is a team effort. There are many pitfalls along the road to digital maturity and an organization will face diverse challenges through each stage of growth. Whether beginning to paddle as a novice, steadily building competence, or skillfully riding as a mature enterprise, choosing an experienced partner like Sutherland can make all the difference.

Sutherland’s expertise can help prepare an organization for the disruption of constantly changing technology while assisting in developing or supplementing the desired skill sets necessary to implement end-to-end digital finance transformation.

The Second Wave is rapidly approaching and for all who missed catching the First, the time is now. To learn more about how Sutherland can help you catch the Second Wave, click here to download a whitepaper.