Countdown to Earth Day

Sutherland Editorial

This year, Earth Day falls on April 22 and has the theme of “End Plastic Pollution”. In preparation for this international event, Sutherland sites across the globe are readying efforts that support the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Kochi, India

In Kochi, India, Sutherland employees will gather newspapers and magazines throughout the month of April. The materials collected will then be sold for recycling and used to by tree saplings which will be planted around the Sutherland campus.

To align with this year’s Earth Day theme, the team will also hold a plastic bottle drive, collecting plastic bottles from staff to turn into Cochin Metro for recycling. The Kochi site is also in the process of replacing all plastic water bottles given to staff with steel bottles.

Kingston, Jamaica

Sutherland Jamaica will take part in the festivities by partnering with 360 Recycle, a social enterprise invested in ending plastic pollution in Jamaica. 360 Recycle uses plastic, Styrofoam, and cardboard waste clogging waterways throughout Jamaica to make flower pots, playgrounds, and sculptures.

Sutherland will feature 360 Recycle Product Displays at all four of its sites from for sale, encouraging staff to consume consciously by supporting a worthy cause. Proceeds from the sale of those items will be matched by Sutherland and will go towards an Earth Day-themed volunteer event at 360 Recycle’s manufacturing facility. Volunteers will take a tour of the operation and learn how the company processes waste to make its wares and participate in a clean-up of the area around the site.

360 Recycle is one of Sutherland’s first social impact investments, improving the community and lives of those where we are located.

Images and updates from Sutherland Earth Day events around the globe will be covered on social channels the week of April 22.