Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Create New Value

Sutherland Editorial

Pillar Three: Creating New Value

When companies take advantage of the partnership between Sutherland and Google Cloud, they can stand on the shoulders of technology’s thought leaders. They gain the insight, tools, and data needed to proactively adapt to meet changing market conditions and deliver first-class customer experiences. With our third pillar of success, we focus on creating new value.Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Create New ValueWe Futureproof Customer Experiences

Sutherland leads the industry in enhancing customer experience, which is the only sustainable competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Sutherland and Google Cloud together consistently and safely push the envelope of technology and its application to help companies stay ahead of the competition.

Google Cloud has massive data resources, and the company’s engineers consistently leverage those resources— machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud security—to identify new trends and expand Google Cloud Platform capabilities.

Protect Your Competitive Edge

Google Cloud has more high-quality data than any other cloud services provider (CSP). Further, they constantly append, refresh, and validate their curated data sets to make sure data is fresh and accurate.

We combine your data and predictive analytics together with Google Cloud data. In the process, we can proactively identify trends and fine-tune your customer experience.

Data engineers and cloud architects here at Sutherland continuously improve our systems and processes to take advantage of the Google Cloud Platform’s enhancements. The platform’s high level of abstraction hides the complexity and expense of managing the underlying infrastructure, as Google Cloud continues to expand the platform with innovations such as micro-services, serverless functionality, and AI.

Uncover New Opportunities and Revenue Streams

Market research shows that customer loyalty to specific brands translates into a tendency to buy other brands in the vendor’s chain. Sutherland data engineers will combine your customer datasets with Google Cloud’s curated datasets, predictive analytics, and ML to uncover opportunities that previously went unnoticed within your customer base and net-new customers.

Google Cloud Platform’s predictive analytics uncover opportunities for other types of touchpoints that help promote brand loyalty and enhance customer affinity.

Sylvester Omuemu, MSP Partner Enablement Manager at Google Cloud commented, “It’s the Google Cloud nature; we can give you virtual machines or give you storage. We can also solve a problem that you have, or leverage our technology in a solution that can make you think in a way that you’ve never thought before.Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Create New ValueCreate New Breakthrough Apps and Experiences

Using Google Cloud Platform’s big data analytics, Sutherland data engineers identify and define new opportunities for products and experiences. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply design thinking and prototype-iterate-learn processes to explore opportunities and make recommendations.

Using Google Cloud Platform’s app dev tools, compute, and networking resources, we quickly develop, deliver, and support new products or experiences. Together, we seamlessly deliver your customer experience anywhere in the world.

Chakravarthy Pothina, VP of Analytics Solutions at Sutherland pointed out, “Sutherland is all about transforming enterprises and our customer’s journey and experience. And now with all of the infrastructure, AI, and cloud capabilities that Google Cloud provides, Sutherland can accelerate this transformation, as we bring a deep understanding of enterprise customers and their needs. Thanks to this partnership and the great set of tools that Google Cloud brings to the table, Sutherland will be able to deliver value to our customers much faster than anyone else in the market. Bringing Google Cloud and Sutherland together creates a 1+1=5 value proposition for our customers.”

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