Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Elevate Customer Experiences

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Pillar 2: Elevating Customer Experiences

Satisfaction and forward momentum are key for your customers. Your success depends on it. That’s why it’s essential for you to be supported by a dedicated customer experience provider. Elevating customer experiences is one of our main pillars.

Sutherland’s managed services for customer experience work in a wide range of industries for top tier companies globally. We utilize a time-proven process to help enterprises navigate the internal change management required to get their customer-facing business up to speed.

Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Elevate Customer Experiences

Create a 360 View of Your Customer

We manage the customer experience process from end-to-end, allowing us to gather considerable data on the behavior of your customers and the overall process as well.
As a Google Cloud Platform partner, we offer cutting-edge big data and analytics technology to mine the data for insights to continuously improve your customers’ experience. This data increases retention and customer lifetime value.

Plus, Google Cloud continuously adds the latest innovations in big data, analytics, cloud computing, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) to give you the intelligence, agility, and customer experience you need to attract, delight, and retain customers. 

Begin with Observation and Research

Sutherland’s human-centered design approach focuses on simplicity and responsiveness for the customer. Our design labs use a process of individual interviews, focus groups, and user testing, as well as consultation with psychologists and other customer experience experts to design ease-of-use into products and services.

We also leverage our considerable vertical-market experience to tailor the process to industry-specific customer personas. We apply design thinking to create industry-leading customer experiences.

Sutherland’s Chief Business Development Officer DC Wright pointed out, “Google Cloud is really strong on the technology front. Sutherland is really, really strong on understanding human behavior. Putting those two pieces together softens the technology and creates a really solid solution for the market. Together, we’re much better than apart. Ultimately, the client gets the benefit.” 


Untangle Complexity and Connect the Dots

 In many enterprises, the customer experience tends to be a complex, uncoordinated group of siloed processes and workloads. When it comes to your customers, it’s essential to effectively mask that complexity. Otherwise, the result can be lost revenue and churn.

Sutherland engineers and experts use Agile prototype-iterate-learn cycles across the end-to-end process design to uncover and alleviate stumbling blocks that can interfere with successful implementation.


Efficiently Build, Deliver, and Run

Sutherland’s developers support the customer experience process by using Google Cloud Platform DevOps tools and Agile fail-fast build-test-run iterations to quickly build new point solutions or augment existing applications.

Sutherland achieves these results for your customers through the ease and speed of Google Cloud pre-built APIs. We take advantage of new technologies and cloud-based solutions, such as natural language understanding, translation, ML, and AI.

You can bring exciting new products, services, and experiences to market faster than the competition. At the same time, we’ll relieve you from having to manage the underlying technologies so that you can focus on growth and scale.

Sutherland’s Dipankar Bhawal explained, “Everything is going to be on the cloud, and this is game changing. This space is new, it’s changing, and we have to remain ahead of the curve. We are direct, we’re transparent, we’re agile, and we’re nimble. That makes it so exciting.”
We deliver your customer experience seamlessly around the globe using Google Cloud’s global high-speed private network—the largest of its kind in the world.

Sylvester Omuemu, MSP Partner Enablement Manager at Google Cloud added, “Sutherland delivers anywhere in the world or on the cloud. Google Cloud is a global company. So, because of that high-level nature and that desire to touch many aspects globally, not just regionally, the two companies are able to play very well together and develop solutions that can meet every customer no matter where they are.”


Sutherland and Google Cloud Help You Elevate Customer Experiences

When We Focus on What We Do Best, You Can Focus on What You Do Best

 As a Google Cloud Platform partner, you get the benefit of Sutherland’s experience managing end-to-end customer experiences for customers around the world, as well as the investments Google Cloud makes in improving the Google Cloud Platform tech stack and cloud computing.

We take end-to-end responsibility for your customer experience. That means you can get back to focusing on what you do best.

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