Customer Expectation Changes Demand Internal Process Changes

Sutherland Editorial

When world-class is no longer enough, it's time to transform the process.​

Our client, a global health-care technology provider, delivers world-class imaging tool and services. But its customers began to face rising regulatory pressure to trim costs and boost quality continually year-over-year, and world-class static images were no longer enough. Going forward, the client also had to reduce errors and increase diagnostic accuracy compared with legacy imaging outcomes.

Sutherland leveraged its deep bench of physicians, clinicians, and health-care IT architects to create a dedicated development center to transform the client’s imaging offerings. Development center personnel had the hands-on clinical experience to identify clinical imaging errors and the field-tested, technical know-how to establish, test, and validate automated processes to improve results. And since testing and validation were done against actual clinical use instead of design, our client’s imaging solution could improve upon itself over time.

Thanks to our partnership, we reduced imaging errors, decreased testing effort by 96 percent and cut testing cycle time by 66 percent. Our client was then able to deliver the best results possible for their customers.