Deliver - The follow-through that ensures success

Sutherland Editorial

When others Design and Develop, then disappear, Sutherland stands out in the Deliver. It’s not enough to just design and develop.

Creating exceptional customer experiences requires successful delivery and implementation of solutions. Sutherland is positioned uniquely to follow-through on delivery and go beyond mere implementation. We help our clients adapt and integrate solutions into the ecosystem and hierarchy of their organizations. Our deployments around the world and are end-to-end. And we deliver to the client’s scale.

Moreover, we have skin in the game, because our solutions are backed with a pricing bias that shares an investment.

Such was the case with our client, a top-five health plan and one of the nation’s largest providers of Medicare Advantage plans. The Affordable Care Act has forced healthcare plans to reexamine and reengineer their processes to cut costs and improve turnaround time.

After ACA, our client needed wholesale process automation and sought a vendor that could create more than a cookie-cutter, single-issue solution based on a transactional payment model that would automate only one area. It needed a partner with the experience and expertise to identify opportunities for automation, execute them across service lines, improve them over time, and outpace market forces. It needed a partner that could craft contracts to steer savings directly back to it.

 Sutherland took the macro view of the client’s operations, not limiting our strategy to adjusting the client’s effective clinical procedures. We deployed our trained personnel across service lines to seek non-clinical automation opportunities. And we did not balk when the value of the automation to the client meant potentially reducing our own revenue.

We found and created 17 unique automation solutions and we continue to find more. Efficiencies increased and errors decreased in claims, credentialing, and customer support. This includes 3,300 manual hours saved annually in claims processing. And the pricing structure meant virtually all the savings went directly to the client.,/p>

Most of our revenue comes from a risk-reward proposition, forging alignment with client goals and full support of the brand promise.

Customers expect exceptional experiences at every stage of the customer journey. But it’s also more challenging than ever to create optimized customer experiences. Customers today are smarter than ever. They want personalized and consistent service designed from their points of view. And they want all of this almost quicker than real time -- in a way most companies aren’t built to deliver.

To fulfil customer expectations, we bring together people and process. We take an empathetic look at the problem and then enhance a client’s core fundamentals with data, analytics and automation. Solutions come from a holistic understanding of the client’s customers. And once we install our solutions in service to those customers, we remain a trusted and valued partner to our clients. Our model – Design Develop Deliver – sets us apart as the best-suited to deliver process transformation to optimize the customer experience.