Designing for a Better Patient Experience

Sutherland Editorial

Design-oriented thinking is central to successful process transformation. It takes an intuitive team to deconstruct and rebuild processes in a way that will meet tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

Use of design thinking is one of the eight ideals Horses for Sources (HfS) considers essential to more intelligent business operations. Barbra McGann, Chief Research Officer at HfS, has researched and written extensively on the value of design thinking. Ms. McGann is well versed in the topic and we are very aligned in acknowledging that the healthcare industry will continue to benefit from design thinking. For that reason, Sutherland has invited Barbra along as we rethink the patient experience at Massachusetts-based Lawrence General Hospital.

The healthcare consumerism culture is growing.

It will require adding value to the customer experience in a way that is seamless, easily accessible and relevant. Barbara will offer an inside look as we journey through this experience design and perhaps provide a few insights for your own use.

Follow Barbra McGann’s blog for her take on how we are using design thinking to serve the healthcare consumer.