Digital Transformation for Insurance - Part 1: Improving the customer experience


Sutherland Editorial

With insuretechs gaining market traction, a shift from paper-based work to digital forms, and a continuous need to grow top-line revenue, insurers are faced with a constant state of disruption. While disruption is a driving force of change behind how insurers operate and how they compete in the evolving insurance landscape, now is the time to focus on improving the customer experience with design thinking to tackle disruptions.

Design thinking helps diagnose and solve business problems. When combined with customer journey mapping, insights will be gained regarding areas of your business that require improvement to stay relevant with your customers.

Sutherland’s design thinking practice in our San Francisco and London labs supports some of the world’s leading brands to solve their most challenging business problems or disruptions. When consulting with our clients, we leverage a three-part methodology:

  • Design: Conduct research to understand the customer experience and examine customer interactions through customer journey mapping, while understanding pain points and areas to be improved.
  • Develop: Identify end-to-end solutions that untangle complexity while transforming the customer journey.
  • Deliver: Transform customer experiences that offer what they want, when they want it, in the channel they prefer, and make it as easy as possible.

We recently hosted a Fortune 500 supplemental insurer providing coverage to over 50 million people worldwide in our labs. The insurer needed to expand self-service options for their customers. After an engagement in the labs, we completed a design study to understand consumer and user expectations. Multiple conversations and discoveries led to a project where Sutherland helped the insurer expand self-service options by implementing AI-powered chatbot on their website.

Results of the AI-powered chatbot implementation include:

  • 23% increase in qualified lead generation
  • 90% decrease in qualification time
  • 10% reduction in inside sales support

This is just one example of many where Sutherland’s design thinking practice drive positive and impactful results to not only our clients’ bottom line, but their customer experience. Traditional insurance companies and insuretechs alike will benefit from putting their customers first. Now is the time to invest in design thinking to drive positive change in areas warranting improvement in your organization.

Up next? Digital transformation for insurance, part 2: operational analytics.