Get up to date on automation or get left behind

Sutherland Editorial

Businesses can increase profitability, improve customer experience and decrease time spent on mundane tasks by turning to process automation. Automation can improve processes across entire organizations and a diverse range of industries from pharmacy to manufacturing to human resources to hospitality. We rounded up the following can’t miss stories to show you a sample of how automation is already impacting businesses.

Automation Invasion: High-Tech Self-Service Restaurants & Bars Infiltrate Chicago (Eater Chicago)
Though Jetsons-esque jetpacks and flying cars still aren’t cruising through Chicago, one of the area’s current dining trends is decidedly futuristic. A recent uptick in rotary sushi restaurants, mechanized bars, and other high-tech culinary options suggests that automation is in.

5 Automation Trends for A Leaner, Meaner Hospital Pharmacy (Hospitals & Health Networks)
Breakthroughs in pharmacy automation are helping to reduce costs and improve patient experience. Pharmacy staff are no longer stuck in the hospital basement counting pills; their professional expertise can be repurposed so they can contribute to clinical and service-oriented operations. As hospitals adopt the following smart technologies, they are saving time and space, and increasing their functionality and revenue stream.

Four Automation Trends To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Competition In 2017 (Manufacturing Business Technology)
In 2017, distributors are searching for new strategies to drive operational efficiency and optimize processes to stay ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, with the infrastructure already in place, they are also looking towards mega e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Walmart Marketplace to help accelerate their reach into new markets. This more aggressive business approach is putting further stress on their order cycles, meaning technology and automation will take on a new role this year to drive productivity and eliminate the costly errors inherent in legacy systems.

How automation will impact employee training and company leadership (HR Dive)
The workplace has become more digitized, virtual, and mobile. For those who thrive in innovative and agile workplaces, this has been a welcome change from days gone by. Automation and machine learning speed up processes to help make people more effective while at work.

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