HfS Research advances Sutherland to ‘High Performer’ ranking

Sutherland Editorial

HfS Research named Sutherland a “High Performer” in its 2017 HfS Blueprint Report: Finance & Accounting As-a-Service, praising the company for its “refreshing growth strategy focused on human-centered process transformation enabled by digital technology.”

"The service provider has invested strategically in a portfolio of capability, including 'MAGIC' for talent development, a simplified platform strategy called 'SmartLeap' with a proprietary RPA solution, and the acquisition of Nuevora, which has proven results in predictive analytics impacting outcomes such as churn and growth," HfS Executive Vice President, Barbra McGann, said of Sutherland’s performance in the 2017 report. Noting Sutherland's offerings and recent investments to advance its capabilities, McGann lauded Sutherland for its human-centric approach: "Clients appreciate that Sutherland is large and experienced enough to have resources to invest in the future but small enough to have a personal touch for the journey."

“The HfS designation validates the company’s recent investment in leadership and its renewed commitment to customer experience through human-centered process transformation,” Sutherland Senior Vice President of Business Transformation, Tim Leger, said. “HfS has become one of the most trusted authorities evaluating provider capabilities, and the fact that they’ve recognized our focus on innovation is gratifying.”

This commitment includes new corporate positioning, investment and growth of Sutherland Labs in Europe and the Americas, and the acquisition of leading data analytics firm Nuevora. HfS lauded five specific Sutherland strengths: its relaunch, transformation capability, discipline in execution, quality with a comfortable size and intelligent automation. HfS noted: “The F&A practice has new leadership with strong credentials in finance and robotics and is on a trajectory, growing faster than Sutherland overall.”

Leger said Sutherland places design thinking at the front of its finance transformation process. “I have found this to be very effective at focusing and organizing finance teams as they start their digital journey,” he said. “Companies choosing random acts of automation are going to fail. Design thinking is at the core of our efforts as solution-focused approach. It starts with the ideal customer experience, and then seeks to centralize, standardize and optimize before automation.”

Leger also said F&A clients applaud Sutherland’s efforts to design, develop and deliver robotic process transformation.  “We don’t just don’t make the plan,” he said. “We create and implement it with our clients, and for small and medium-sized enterprises, having a trusted partner in the trenches with you to evolve is a critical differentiator to realizing long-term savings.”

For example, Sutherland’s process transformation, customer engagement and digital work with a leading U.S. provider of reloadable pre-paid cards and related financial services helped transition its inbound customer service from in-house operations to a provider to cut its costs.

Offering end-to-end services, Sutherland came up with a multi-pronged plan before implementing it on behalf of the provider. This included an end-to-end customer lifecycle management solution to serve consumers, corporate paycard subscribers and back-office correspondence through voice, email and fax channels. And Sutherland’s ability to streamline processes across locations all over the world was the key to the successful transformation.

Of Sutherland’s transformation capability, HfS said: “Sutherland has examples of designing and leading as well as taking on the management of shared services centers, with positive feedback, elevating these centers to the next level of workforce and career development and automation.”

HfS also praised Sutherland’s commitment to discipline in execution saying a company strength is structure in executing correctly with the right controls, responsiveness and escalation. This brings a high level of accuracy and professionalism, clients told HfS.

Clients also appreciated Sutherland’s intelligent automation: “The service provider has simplified and focused its portfolio of platforms as SmartLeap, which includes a proprietary RPA platform, and invested in Nuevora, with proven work and results in predictive analytics impacting churn, growth and AP,” HfS said.

With other recent accolades from Verego, Nelson Hall and ISG, as well as new corporate positioning and a growing client roster, Sutherland continues to lead as the innovative and trusted process transformation company of today and of the future.

HfS Research advances Sutherland to High Performer ranking