Improving processes requires a deep understanding of a company’s culture

Sutherland Editorial

To improve processes for a restructuring refiner and fuel distributor, Sutherland had to drill deeply into the company's corporate culture.

The availability of internal resources can sometimes create obstacles in company restructuring. For a successful internal process change, you need buy-in from employees who harbor uncertainties about change and who believe inherently that change requires more effort.

Some company executives believe outsiders will struggle to translate their industry and business culture. We have the solution -- Sutherland’s extreme customer-focus, analytical resources and willingness to immerse ourselves our client's culture allows us to create an end-to-end solution tailored to a company’s current situation and its future objectives.

Our client was at a crossroads. The leading refiner and fuel distributor in the United States’ eastern and Gulf Coast regions faced a $2.2 billion company restructuring and its leadership was forced to decide how to manage its end-to-end accounting processes. It had two options: build its own shared services center or hire a vendor.

In the face of overwhelming costs and a drain on resources, it opted for an experienced business process provider. The company had no knowledge of business process transformation and sought a partner that could document and transform processes to support it through a parallel SAP implementation. This allowed the company to concentrate fully on delivering on its core business, while we focused on the simplicity and value of change to encourage seamless adoption.

Sutherland executed fluid knowledge transfer, hired experienced oil and gas accountants, and enlisted teams in deep-learning boot camps to achieve significant productivity gains. The implementation of smart automation has maximized efficiencies and increased business insights. Sutherland is performing the client's complex hydrocarbon accounting from its Tulsa, Okla.-based Center of Excellence.

Processes were transformed significantly over 120 days, yielding greater control and transparency. The client noted: “Sutherland’s commitment and culture are really terrific. We could not be more pleased -- you are a true partner and we count on Sutherland.”