Prioritizing the smart home revolution

Sutherland Editorial

Connected devices in smart homes can transform consumers into brand advocates. But how quickly will the smart home revolution come?

More than 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices are projected to be connected by 2020. We are moving quickly to a fully connected home -- a seismic shift reshaping the in-home experience for consumers around the world and giving business another way to engage with customers to differentiate their brands.

Here are three articles to help you rethink the importance of customer experience:

As part of CNET’s Tech Enabled series, Roger Cheng (@RogerWCheng) and Rich Brown (@rh_brown) reported on the potential for connected devices to solve challenges faced by elderly and disabled persons.

Mayfield Robotics unveiled a domestic robot at this year’s Consumer Electronics show, and they aren’t the first company to the market. Named “Kuri” the robot could soon be helping with household tasks, a companion and a tutor. Learn more about Kuri from Mayfield Robotics CEO Michael Beebe here.

Computer World reports Tesla will begin taking orders for solar roof shingles later this month, allowing home owners the ability to harvest energy at costs projected to be similar to conventional tiles.

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