Process Transformation Saves Lives

Sutherland Editorial

Employee compliance with health and safety policies can be a challenge for any company to enforce, and when employees don’t comply, it can cost the company money and employees their lives.

In a recent case study, we explore the work we developed with a transportation client to help keep their long haul truck drivers safer.  Keeping drivers awake and alert was a priority for the company, particularly given their ground transportation assets accounted for the highest rates of incidents and accidents. Company vehicles traveled 24/7 logging more than 150 million miles per year. That’s more than 6,000 trips around the Earth’s equator each year!

Instead of focusing on enforcement and compliance, we partnered to transform the entire process. We created a centralized system that allowed the company to monitor its assets in real-time across all 50 countries. A customized CRM captured trip data scoring driver behaviors, driver fatigue was monitored prior to departure and observation and intervention tools provided in-depth analysis.

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With the new process, if the team tracks driving behaviors that increase risks, they can formulate corrective action plans and put them into action.

What were the benefits? To name a few:

  • 100% compliance on quality, safety and health metrics
  • 20% reduction in cost per trip
  • 15% accident rate reduction
  • ZERO fatal accidents

Together, we saved lives.


Download the full case-study here to learn more about how we developed an employee safety process utilizing wireless check-ins to keep its long-haul truck drivers awake and alert.