Sutherland brings quick Process Transformation to Fortune 500 tech company

Sutherland Editorial

Your company can’t afford organizational delays and order processing errors that leave customers waiting longer than expected for deliveries. Because in today’s “instant everything” world, these added minutes and hours can make or break a customer relationship.

For one of our clients—a Fortune 500 computer technology manufacturer and retailer—order-to-cash (O2C) functions were negatively impacting team collaboration, cash receipts and customer experience. Order processing errors were one of the most significant challenges, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all issues. These errors created a domino effect throughout the entire O2C cycle.

The client turned to us to help them reduce costs, improve order processing efficiency and accuracy, and enhance the customer experience. They embraced Sutherland’s recommended approach for addressing siloed O2C functions. By implementing standardized processes and intelligent automation, our client broke down successfully these silos and enjoyed greater transparency into the end-to-end O2C function.

With a clearer picture of the day-to-day operations and customer interactions, the client is now able to make more timely and informed business decisions. This information led to changes that improved order processing efficiency and accuracy, invoicing and payments, while reducing customer disputes, collection delays and working capital requirements.

The transformational results were significant and came fast. For instance, annualized collections soared from $1 million to $22 million. There was a noticeable reduction in dissatisfaction rates, saving $7 million quarter over quarter. And same-day conversion of orders jumped 23 percent, while the amount of time for orders to reach the factory improved by nine hours.

These changes brought quality and efficiency gains, faster customer delivery times and a better overall customer experience. For more than 30 years, Sutherland’s collaborative, one-team approach has delighted customers through better process.