Sutherland leads first Arabic voice biometrics project to perfect customer experiences

Sutherland Editorial

What if your company could refine the customer experience, cut operating costs and heighten security by simply taking customers at their word?

Sutherland showed a $70 billion-asset Middle Eastern bank how to do just that by pioneering the world’s first implementation of Arabic language voice biometrics.

The bank’s contact center volume had begun to average more than 200,000 calls a month, creating a need to authentic callers securely, efficiently and amicably. The bank’s manual system forced its customers to go through a frustrating and clunky process involving a series of phone calls. Often, they’d weather multiple failed attempts at answering questions and then have to provide a PIN before finally passing through the authentication stage to the service point in a call flow. Further, the manual system raised fraud risks and drove up handling costs.

Sutherland stepped in to fix the bank’s customer experience by integrating voice biometrics with the bank’s contact center Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to give customers a faster and easier way of authentication.

Here’s how it works: customers can now subscribe to the voice biometrics with a common passphrase and get a secret passphrase that matches individual characteristics in their voice against a phrase in the enrolled voiceprint.

Once matched, the system authenticates and lets the customer begin banking transactions, improving dramatically the customer experience.

The bank said its IVR system now has more than 64,000 registered users, with 30 percent active users every month and more than 1,100 authentications every day. The bank is also now regarded as a market leader in Internet and mobile banking.

“The bank’s customers are delighted to use this advanced technology for authentication purposes,” the bank said. “The bank itself is encouraging universal enrollment through a series of targeted campaigns to their customers.”

Just like our bank client, your company can call on Sutherland for Process Transformation that cuts handling times, lowers agent costs and shrinks fraud risks while improving the customer experience.