Turns out the key to customer satisfaction is employee engagement

Sutherland Editorial

Want to improve your company’s customer experience strategy? Start with improving your employees’ engagement.​

Data and opinion research firm Gallup noted in a recent report highly engaged employees help their companies improve customer relationships, which leads to “impressive organic growth.” Gallup's 2017 State of the American Workplace report says “highly engaged business units achieve a 10 percent increase in customer metrics and a 20 percent increase in sales.”​

Sutherland helped Petco get its employees more engaged to raise customer satisfaction. Petco had an IT Help Desk department that could not keep up with in-store technology issues, an inability to respond timely to customers on social media and an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Sutherland solved Petco’s problems by getting Petco employees more engaged through training, better organization and better systems. As a result, Petco employee satisfaction rose to 100 percent, customer satisfaction jumped to 88 percent and its BBB “F” rating became a “B.”​

“Regardless of an organization's size, type or industry, customer problems are a serious threat,” Gallup said. “Remedying organization-specific weaknesses and strengths is one pivotal step toward mitigating problems. To develop and sustain a customer-centric culture, all leaders must make employee engagement a central organizational initiative.”​

But Gallup also cautioned companies’ solutions for customer experience issues often make the problems worse. Avoid that complication by tapping Sutherland to help get your customers thrilled. Read more about our work improving customer experience for Petco here.