Using Connected Devices in Smart Homes to Create Brand Advocates

Sutherland Editorial

More than 5 million American homes now have an Amazon Echo, and that was prior to the launch of Google’s Home earlier this year. Customer expectations for connected devices are changing rapidly as more than 22 million homes in the U.S. alone had connected devices in 2016.

If your company makes or sells a widget for homes that uses electricity, customers expect that your company is in the smart home business. Further, those customers pose a significant challenge to traditional means of customer engagement.

We recently transformed the customer experience design for a top electronics retailer turning this challenge into a brand differentiator. Using a set of integrated customer knowledge-based automated and self-support service and multi-channel tools net promoter scores (NPS) skyrocketed from16.7% to over 80%.

Time to resolve issues decreased 10% and first call resolution increased to 88%. Within a year, the program was breaking even and with a reduction in cost of acquisition and increase in NPS, the partner was generating tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue per year.

As more homes and more devices get connected, don’t let your customer support infrastructure be overwhelmed.