Case Study

Improved customer experience with video audits, video surveillance, and analytics.

A leading video monitoring and auditing company that provides compliance reporting with data analytics integration.

Case study - Improved customer experience with video audits, video surveillance, and analytics
Business Process Transformation
Customer Interactions Services

The Problem

Our client was struggling to keep pace with recent new business growth. They experienced an increased backlog in auditing, monitoring, and integrating reports, which led to an overall decline in quality. While interested in outsourcing a portion of their reporting process, the client needed assurance that 3rd party check points were in place in order to comply with a number of new regulations.

The Sutherland Transformation

Sutherland worked with the client to implement video audits, video surveillance, and analytics. Our process included quality assurance/quality control of video surveillance footage and audit sample files to help provide service improvements to their customers.

Additionally, Sutherland provided data analysis and compliance reports to the client based on which operational audits are facilitated and loss prevention investigations are streamlined.

To combat a growing backlog, Sutherland executed video audits, surveillance, and data analytics to improve operations and efficiency on behalf of the client.

The Results

$1 million+
audits conducted per year across 17 different companies & practices
100% CSAT
3 years and running
NPS 100
in 2017

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