Case Study

Digital Transformation Study - International Underwriter

An international underwriter specializing in insurance and reinsurance in the property and casualty market.

Case study - International underwriter insurance
Business Process Services

The Problem

This leading insurance client has grown rapidly since partnering with Sutherland which enabled them to quote more premiums within the same timeframe, while continuing with consistent qualitative in-depth analysis of each policy. This helped the client to increase their gross written premiums by 54% in just 3 years. Sutherland’s solution augmented the client’s team with catastrophe risk modeling talent. The full solution included:

  • Catastrophe risk modeling professionals from world leading model development and insurance/ reinsurance broker firms
  • Training for employees in industry leading technologies including risk link, risk browser, risk manager, classic/2, and catrader
  • Experienced SQL developers
  • Experienced in the property and casualty reinsurance and primary insurance markets
  • Backed by Sutherland’s full analytics practice

The Sutherland Transformation

Sutherland has developed a catastrophe risk modeling support service as part of the insurance analytics practice. Catastrophe modelers augmented the client’s teams, reporting directly into the client’s lead catastrophe modelers. Sutherland’s working hours overlapped with the client’s hours in North America and Europe, and allowed critical functions to be handled around the clock.

  • Catastrophe modeling for primary insurance and reinsurance
  • Lloyd’s realistic disaster scenarios reporting
  • Aggregation and portfolio modeling
  • Application of catastrophe treaties to the portfolio losses and analyzing the catastrophe layer losses
  • Creation and interpretation of average annual loss
  • Exceedance probability curves generation and interpretation
  • Reinsurance pricing
  • Model validation and model sensitivity

Since partnering with Sutherland, the client has seen a 54% increase in gross written premiums.

The Results

The impact of Sutherland’s solution has been far more wide reaching than just the impact on catastrophe modeling staff augmentation. Transformation of core business processes has made the business more dynamic and able to capitalize on market changes.

Core results to date include:

growth in gross written premiums
reduction in operational cost of catastrophe modeling
increase in productivity

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