Case Study

Increase write-off with automation and analytics.

A leading communication software and service provider.

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Case Study - A leading communication software and service provider
Digital Transformation
Customer Engagement Transformation

The Challenge

Our client’s bottom-line was under pressure from increasing total cost of ownership (TCO) for alarm response and dispatch operations. Their support processes were almost entirely manual, requiring hundreds of live agents providing 24/7 phone support. Many low priority alarms involved repetitive response processes which had yet to be automated. Additionally, they experienced a very high percentage of false alarms due to motion, early or late entry by employees, or equipment issues, and the use of analytics to reduce them was limited.

The Sutherland Transformation

Sutherland worked with the client to identify repetitive support processes that could be automated. We developed and deployed a digital enablement system that automated CRM data entry steps for top alarm drivers and case administration steps. We also performed data analytics to identify alarm signals that do not require actions to be performed by agents and that can be auto-notified; which further increased productivity. Moreover, customer experience was enhanced as we expanded our commercial lead generation program to include chat and SMS as support channels on top of existing voice and email.

The new system provides a single source of truth, eliminating administrative overhead to get to critical information. This delivers better financial performance and an improved customer experience.

The Results

reduction in average handle time
alarms handled per quarter
7% higher
volumes than original forecast