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Greater control and transparency through business process transformation.

A leading refiner and distributor of fuels in the eastern and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

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The Problem

Our client was at a crossroads. Due to company restructuring, they were forced to decide how to rapidly establish new accounting processes and systems as well as manage their end-to-end finance operations. Options included build their own shared services center or hire an experienced partner. In the face of overwhelming costs and a drain on resources, the client opted for an experienced business process provider that could establish the operations in parallel to a complex SAP implementation. Ultimately, Sutherland was selected as their go-to strategic partner because of their passion towards solving complex business challenges.

The Sutherland Transformation

Our commitment to customer-focus and willingness to immerse ourselves in our client’s culture allowed Sutherland to create an end-to-end solution that was tailored to their current requirements and future objectives. Sutherland executed a seamless knowledge transfer by staffing experienced oil and gas accountants and engaging teams in deep-learning boot-camps. The implementation of SmartLeap™ automation maximized efficiencies and increased business insights. Sutherland is now performing the client’s complex hydrocarbon accounting from our delivery center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sutherland was selected as the go-to strategic partner because of our passion towards solving complex business challenges.

The Results

The company is fully engaged in delivering on the strategy of its core business.

Processes have been established and significantly transformed, yielding greater control and business transparency, and providing a competitive advantage to the company.

After a rapid and successful go-live, we jointly embarked on phase 2, which encompasses intelligent digital automation technology and predictive analytics powered by business intelligence, giving the company an easy way to view complex information. The company recognizes this as a market disruptive competitive advantage.

Fast Seamless Transition

120 Days: Project kick-off to go-live

Process Improvements

The company now has market disruptive best-in-class accounting processes