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Engage customers and improve customer loyalty through a comprehensive omnichannel cloud-based ‘Customer Experience as a Service’ platform

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Sutherland Connect is a comprehensive cloud-based omnichannel Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) Platform. It brings together the very sophisticated engagement platforms that we use to service our customers globally and extends these in a secure, multi-tenant hosted environment. Sutherland Connect’s Hybrid model offers features available only in on-premise solutions but in the cloud as an ‘as a service model’.

This means that you can activate and pay for features as you go, without waiting for integration, implementation, and rollout. Clients can bring on board Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, powering interactions through chatbots, conversational IVR, predictive AI based routing, or digital avatars. Sophisticated features such as conversational IVR can be turned on quickly and cost effectively. The Sutherland Connect Platform interoperates with existing systems, and our customers can add additional features and channels by simply bolting on to their existing infrastructure. This means our clients can ramp up in weeks, instead of the traditional 1.5-year implementation duration.

Sutherland Connect’s Single Pane of Glass design offers a 360-degree view of a customer across any channel, business unit, or touchpoint, regardless of provider or system. Therefore, information silos are broken down and the organization now has a single and consistent source of truth on each customer—driving effective engagement and customer loyalty.

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Powerful Ecosystem

Sutherland Connect is powered by the Genesys Engage Customer Experience Platform, the industry’s preferred on-premise contact center platform. It utilizes the rich functionality of the platform’s on-premise features and offers them in a true ‘as a service’ model.

The Genesys on-premise platform allows us to integrate other third-party components such as Google’s AI engine for advanced chatbot and conversational IVR capabilities and Google Agent Assist for real-time speech recognition and AI-based agent prompting. This makes Sutherland Connect the most robust platform on the market today.

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