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Reinvent Language Translation with Sutherland Translate AI™

Multi-lingual Translation Solution. Enhanced Customer Experience. Increased Productivity and Reduced OPEX.

FEBRUARY 13, 2024

At Sutherland we are at the front lines of customer experience and are critical differentiators for our client’s brand. Translation engines help our support agents communicate effectively and efficiently with customers.

We apply AI and machine learning to best-in-class translation engines from partners like Google, Microsoft, DeepL, Open AI, and others. The Sutherland Translate AI™ platform captures queries sent via messaging, email, or social media in the customer’s native language and seamlessly converts them in real time into the agent’s language. All without losing detail or cultural nuance in translation.

  • Simplify Operations - A single global support partner for any locale, reducing your OPEX. An associate from anywhere in the world can easily interact with a customer in their preferred language.

  • Enhance Productivity - Improved speed to proficiency and associate onboarding.

  • Integrate Effortlessly - Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM, empowering your omni-channel support strategy.

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Naveen Kumaresan

Sr Dir - Platform Solution

With over 18 years with our company, Naveen spearheads the creation of cutting-edge platform solutions. His profound knowledge in leveraging technology to boost customer service efficiency positions him at the forefront of driving service excellence into the future.


Arshad Shaik

Lead - Functional Translation Product

Arshad oversees Translate AI implementation and has over 7 years of experience with our organization. He works with clients like Spotify to meet their expectations.


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