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Rethinking Financial Crimes Risk Management: A New Paradigm

JANUARY 06, 2023

Rethinking Financial Crimes Risk Management: A New Paradigm

Global regulators, including FinCEN, are now requiring the incorporation of data quality standards into customer due diligence programs.  This regulatory framework includes establishing a true customer 360-degree view of risk through the identification of hidden customer relationships, complex corporate ownership structures, and data lineage.  Recent enforcement actions from FinCEN noted breakdowns in internal controls, failure to implement sufficient customer due diligence and enhanced due diligence, and the critical absence of data, which led to fines as high as $150M.  

Are your business initiatives synchronized with a single, comprehensive, trusted AML risk profile of your customer and their related parties?

Introducing Sutherland AML | Powered by FinScan

Sutherland, in partnership with FinScan, have introduced a paradigm shift in end-to-end compliance. Our solution combines FinScan’s AML compliance technology with Sutherland’s global footprint for managed services and digital transformation expertise. Financial institutions can now achieve a complete picture of their customer, more efficient gathering and understanding of their data, and identification of hidden risks.

Sutherland AML | Powered by FinScan provides the protection and compliance risk management needed to safely and confidently focus on business outcomes for sustained growth.

Join us as we launch this exciting solution to bring about a paradigm shift in your AML risk management.

This webinar will cover:

  • Issues with current risk management approaches

  • The paradigm shift in AML risk management

  • A case study demonstrating a real-world example

  • A peek into the future: Introducing Sutherland AML | Powered by FinScan