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HFS Horizons Report Puts Sutherland in Horizon 3 Category for the Most Advanced Travel Industry Service Providers

An independent report says Sutherland exemplifies the qualities of an advanced digital transformation partner for the THL Industry.

MARCH 27, 2024

The HFS Horizons: Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics Service Providers, 2023 report details the condition of the THL industry. The findings outline what is required for companies to succeed in today’s market, and highlight the importance of digital transformation for business survival and prosperity.

The Current Condition of the THL Industry

1. The Demand for Seamless Customer Experiences in the THL Sectors Is on the Rise

Newer technologies like AI, chatbots, and mobile apps bridge service gaps, enabling personalized interactions, prompt communication, and efficient support. Enhancing the overall customer journey to heighten satisfaction is something that all companies must prioritize.

2. Health and Safety Is a Major Concern for Travelers

To foster consumer loyalty in an era where trust is paramount, THL businesses need to implement advanced safety protocols, such as contactless check-in and enhanced sanitation measures. Real-time updates on travel advisories also instill confidence in customers, driving return business.

3. Consumers Are Urging Service Providers To Adopt Environmentally Friendly Practices

Lowering carbon emissions, using renewable energy, and preserving natural resources will align THL firms with consumer preferences and provide a competitive edge.

4. Employee Training and Development Is Crucial

To maintain high service standards and elevate company performance, companies need to invest in continuous learning training programs. These will familiarize employees with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices.

5. Strategic Partnerships Have Become Increasingly Important

Without driving innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing in today's highly competitive market, firms will fall behind and become unable to meet evolving consumer demand.

Sutherland Achieves Horizon 3 – The Highest Rating on HFS Horizon’s Scale

The report identifies Sutherland as one of the most advanced digital transformation partners, making great strides in reshaping the industry. “Sutherland stands out as a market leader in Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics for its focus on its industry-specific platforms, such as Sutherland altra®,” said Melissa O’Brien, Executive Research Leader, HFS Research.

Our ability to drive a One Ecosystem synergy through collaborative partnerships, strategy and execution capabilities at scale, and deep expertise across talent, domain, technology, data, and change made us stand out among the 21 assessed service providers.

HFS Horizons Report Puts Sutherland in Horizon 3 Category for the Most Advanced Travel Industry Service Providers

Through a platform-centric approach to solving travel and logistics challenges, we offer services in insight and design, customer experience transformation, digital finance, analytics and AI, travel back office, digital engineering, technology solutions, and content services. This comprehensive suite of offerings positions us as a one-stop solution provider for the customer service, health and safety, and ESG needs of the THL industry.

Deploying an end-to-end digitally embedded approach to service delivery, we offer advanced and seamless digital solutions. Sutherland Connect, Sutherland Anywhere®, Sutherland Robility™, and Sutherland altra® are identified in the report as future-ready platforms that ensure the industry stays ahead of the technological curve.

A focus on talent development aligns us with the needs of the THL industry. Our anthropological expertise and survey-based data collection mean we have the deep understanding required to effectively address the evolving needs of our THL clients.

Clients commend us for our collaboration, responsiveness, expertise in revenue accounting, and proprietary technology. These referenceable satisfied partners are another factor that has differentiated us from many of the 21 other service providers assessed in the report and aligned us with the current needs of the industry.

Identified independently as a frontrunner in the digital transformation of the THL industry, we are ready to drive innovation, create value, and shape the future. With over 35 years of experience in business optimization, we are the ideal partner for you.

Ready for your digital transformation? Get in touch to find out how Sutherland can help.

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