Intent-Based AI That Delivers Real-Time Results

With Sutherland's Cognitive Knowledge Engine, turn self-service into first-class service.

Dealing with Dizzying Amounts of Data?

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Organizations today are simultaneously managing numerous sources of content, all of which contain huge amounts of data. It's making the process of managing knowledge and curating search results extremely difficult for companies. And this inefficiency is now preventing organizations from delivering exceptional customer experiences which are fast, frictionless and relevant.

"One of the first platforms to combine Enterprise search and AI.”

Our Cognitive Knowledge Engine (CKE) with Intent-AI technology is a unique new way to search vast, multiple sources of data regardless of file type. It's one of the first platforms to combine Enterprise Search and AI to deliver real-time prescriptive insights for real-time customer experience.

Do Away with Disparate Data

Our Cognitive Knowledge Engine consolidates information from disparate, siloed data sources into one single source, and then performs a cognitive intent-based search of the integrated data source. As well as this, the engine also includes a comprehensive log file analytics solution. 

With Sutherland's Cognitive Knowledge Engine in place, receive on-going insights on the usage of your knowledge sources. And with a steady stream of insights, you can start curating, evolving and improving knowledge sources to deliver exceptional customer experiences time and again.

Key Benefits

Unified knowledge repository for internal and external stakeholders.
Reduced resolution time to improve customer experience
Manual effort is automated using cognitive log analytics.
Designed to enable customer self-service success.

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