Sutherland Extract

Rival human intelligence and accuracy with our data extraction platform powered by AI.

Data Extraction with a Difference

Businesses thrive on data when it's available, relevant, and actionable. With standard Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions limiting digitization outcomes, our AI-powered data extraction platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing applications.

Have you ever wondered why OCR success never goes beyond 75%? If your technology still does not support unstructured data, handwritten data and language translation, or if you are still dependant on creating templates for data extraction, it may be time to change.

Sutherland Extract is an AI-powered OCR solution that learns from exceptions and becomes more intelligent over time. Our powerful input to output data extraction platform is truly cognitive and addresses the operational challenges of document-based workflows. It integrates effortlessly with robotic process automation platforms and other applications in your business operation.

"A powerful data extraction platform that is truly cognitive."

Identify and Classify with AI

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Traditional OCR systems require rules and templates for every document layout, making them heavily human-dependent and time-consuming. Sutherland Extract’s deep learning technology works by understanding the structure of documents, enabling higher Straight-Through Processing (STP) through intelligent data extraction and cognitive automation. This coupled with our Prodigy Digital Finance Automation Platform, robotics, and analytics enables true digital transformation.

A powerful data extraction platform that is truly cognitive.”

Sutherland Extract incorporates AI to “read” documents like a human, to identify and classify the type of document and extract key data. With Sutherland Extract, you can free up your staff from mundane data entry tasks and let them focus on the things that involve real decision making in your business.

Data Extraction Capabilities

OCR tools tend to stagnate at 65-75% extraction success. With Sutherland Extract trained with your data sets, you can expect a measurable improvement in the quantity and quality of extraction.
Sutherland Extract utilizes cognitive data extraction techniques. The core engine works on AI and deep learning technology. This taps into Sutherland’s pre-trained models, huge data sets, and learning from exceptions. Extract’s AI engine is capable of understanding and detecting the required fields cognitively.
Sutherland’s Extract platform works on vertical-specific pre-trained models. When a new document format comes in, the engine can process it directly, without the need for manual onboarding. Meaning you start seeing results rapidly.
Sutherland Extract has been built to create a stress-free integration with your upstream and downstream applications. From ERP to BPM to RPA, use our open API, or choose a custom-made integration specific to your organization workflow.
Any data extracted is validated based on a confidence score threshold. If the confidence score is low, the engine flags it for manual validation. The manual correction made is rerouted to retrain the engine, thus leveraging assisted learning optimally.
Sutherland Extract can improve the quality of an incoming document using vision technology and various algorithms to improve the quality of the source document. You can also define the business rules, accuracy expectations, and workflow integration all before you send a document for extraction.
Sutherland Extract's post-processing layer enables data transformation to suit the needs of the target system. Additionally, we have inbuilt privacy information (PI) controls on extracted fields that adhere to client standards, across ingestion, training, post-processing and output stages.
The Sutherland Extract Platform comes with our own extraction engine. You can also pick and choose third party extraction engines on demand.
Sutherland Extract is built to support enterprise-grade extraction. To meet various requirements and prerequisites, Sutherland Extract is available in an On-premise and Cloud environment, making it both flexible and scalable. Sutherland Extract’s cloud-based technology ensures best-in-class security of data.
Our Sutherland Extract pricing model makes it economically viable for any client and helps teams achieve rapid ROI, on a pay-per-consumption mode.

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