Elevate Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Automate live chat sessions for support, sales and other enterprise processes through dynamic UI and Natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

An Experience That Speaks to Your Customers

As customer demand for better experiences grows, brands are looking for new ways to innovate their support channels beyond just email and voice.

Consumers are also becoming more accepting of new technologies and driving better customer experience now requires a unique approach to customer support. 

We custom-build our services with a team of dedicated developers. And with over 30 years of experience in customer success management, we can take on the challenge of maintaining your customer experience.

"It cannot be stated enough. Sutherland has become a tremendous partner of ESPN. Your team is world-class, and the results show!"

Easy Integration

Sutherland Conversational AI Solutions are enterprise-grade conversational AI applications that help clients deflect contacts, automate customer self-service interactions and increase support hours for contact centers.  

It combines user-centered design with AI and over 30 years of customer experience leadership to provide a customized self-service and automation capability that easily integrates with CRM and enterprise systems.

Conversational AI Capabilities

Through machine learning and natural language understanding techniques, engage customers and automate business processes.
Integrate with common CRM and chat platforms to enable seamless hand-offs to live agents.

Configure and modify end-user interactions and experiences.

Monitor conversations, measure the effectiveness of conversational experiences and isolate opportunities to improve NLP training.

Rich-media (cards, video, sliders) and modern UI elements to enrich the user experience.

Application run-time environment to link conversational AI solutions to third-party applications and enterprise systems.     

Securely manage transcripts and customer data through a GDPR certified platform.

Case Study

A Conversational AI Solution for a Provider of Global Supplemental Insurance

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Annual Premium (AP) increase in per lead

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Case Study

TMS Empowers Customers Through Sutherland's Conversational AI Chatbot

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Savings in monthly cost to serve

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