Reimagine Customer Experience with Augmented Knowledge Intelligence

Improve the usability, effectiveness, and intelligence of your Knowledge Base through our knowledge management platform powered by a robust decision network architecture.

Is Your Knowledge Base Future-Ready?

Traditional Knowledge Management systems either suffer from holding too much information or little to none at all. According to IDC, 36% of a consultant’s time is spent searching for information.

Finding new ways to equip support staff to resolve issues consistently is the challenge many organizations now face. So, how can you drive consistent service and compliance across the geographies you serve?

Equipping your support staff with a next-gen knowledge solution is the answer. Designed with live customer interaction in mind, Sutherland SmartLeap™ HelpTree makes it easy to create and keep knowledge current. It seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems to provide a straightforward user experience for both creators and consumers of content.

Our clients rate Sutherland HelpTree as their number one productivity enhancer.

Used Across Industries

SmartLeap™ HelpTree is currently used by 30 clients in over 45 different lines of business. With over 15,000 Sutherland associates using SmartLeap™ HelpTree every day, they're now providing an exceptional customer experience with higher resolution rates and less repeat calls.

SmartLeap™ HelpTree Capabilities

Enabling faster content creation and minimal training.
Connect with multiple data sources and leverage Machine Learning based search.
Easy enterprise integration with straightforward UX & UI to enable richer conversations.
Collaborate with technicians to improve content quality and experience enhanced support with chat functionality from SmartLeap™ HelpTree Services.
Instantaneously switch roles and access additional information to derive deeper insights through our agile and effective Single Sign-On (SSO), ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) model.
Multiple content translation module, multiple article type support, and multiple feedback mechanism capture.
Update Transmitter module cascades process updates with ease.

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