Sutherland Connect

Reimagine your customer lifecycle and engage in new ways through our omnichannel ‘Customer Experience as-a-Service’ platform.

The Experience Is Everything

Customer service is the most vital element for customer retention and loyalty, impacting both top-line and bottom-line growth. With customer expectations across both business and retail transforming significantly in recent years, today’s customers now engage seamlessly across channels like social media, messaging and interactive chats. They want great customer experience delivered fast and effectively regardless of the channel they choose, with consistent and continuous support even when they switch channels midstream.

Organizations need a cloud-based customer engagement platform that continually analyzes customer data and interactions, utilizing digital assistants to provide intelligent interactive responses through Artificial Intelligence fueled by machine learning. 

“Our single pane of glass design breaks down information silos.”

Make Your Services Seamless

Sutherland Connect is a comprehensive cloud-based omnichannel customer experience platform. It brings together leading engagement technologies that we use to service clients globally and extends these in a secure, multi-tenant hosted environment. It means our hybrid model can offer features only available in on-premise solutions through the cloud in an ‘as-a-service model’.

Customer Experience as-a-Service

Activate and pay for features as you need them, without waiting for integration, implementation, and rollout.

Introduce AI solutions that power interactions through chatbots, conversational IVR, or digital avatars.

Sutherland Connect integrates easily with existing systems, if you need additional features, simply add them on to your existing infrastructure.

See a single picture of the customer across any channel, business unit, or touchpoint, regardless of your provider or system. 

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