Gaming and Apps

The Gaming and Apps industry has experienced phenomenal change in the last five years and is projected to grow exponentially by 2020. Sutherland’s unique customer-centric process transformation services can help organizations increase lifetime value and brand loyalty.

  • Increase user engagement and retention through personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.
  • Design games/apps based on user experience and journey mapping.
  • Improve testing to ensure bug-free products.
  • Tune-in to user feedback and insights through voice-of the-customer surveys, built into the customer experience.
  • Drive cost-effective, scalable multilingual global user community support and engagement
  • Reduce fraud with comprehensive payments management.
  • Reimagine self-service solutions including avatars, chatbots, and dynamic IVRs.

Explore the range of services that are available through Sutherland’s Digital, Business Process, and Customer Engagement Transformation service areas.

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Digital Services

Digital Services

Sutherland helps gaming and apps providers better understand gamer needs to develop next-generation games by providing deep design thinking and journey mapping. We can also shorten game development and launch time with automated testing services.

Sutherland analytics services help gaming and apps providers identify and understand the specific features that lead to increased subscriptions. The ability to target high-propensity gamers and app users helps generate incremental revenues using predictive models.

Customer Engagement Services

Customer Engagement Services

Care and Support
Sutherland helps gaming and apps providers reduce the cost of customer care with digital assistants and chatbots. We can also help improve the player experience with seamless in-game and in-website support.

Business Process Services

Business Process Services

Order Management
Sutherland helps gaming and apps providers drive improved order processing and fulfillment with unified single view visibility into complete customer history, including orders, service requests, payments, and engagement.

Research Report: Unlocking the Field Service Supply Chain

Connecting the customer experience with business operations.

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