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Unlock high performance outcomes with flexible services, delivered to and from anywhere in the world.

The Challenge

The traditional workplace is a thing of the past, businesses are rapidly adopting remote working policies.

Technology advances, an increased focus on inclusivity for employees who have difficulty commuting and the rising cost of rent are just some of the trends driving organizations towards more flexible working policies. And then there was a global pandemic. COVID-19 forced just about every organization and individual around the world to rapidly adapt to remote working. Almost overnight, employees' ability to work from anywhere became business-critical.

In a recent Gartner survey nearly three in four CFOs said that they plan to shift at least 5% of previously on-site employees to permanently remote positions post-COVID-19. Furthermore, nearly a quarter of respondents said they will move at least 20% of their on-site employees to permanent remote positions. In 2020, it’s clear that remote working has a pivotal role to play.

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Prior to COVID-19, the U.S. saw a growth in remote working

44% Growth in Remote Working

in the last 5 years.

People, Process, and Technology

Sutherland Anywhere® is an integrated, modular set of technology platforms that enables organizations to rapidly deploy a feature rich and secure work at home environment to any employee, and to meet all client needs and priorities.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) overcomes the challenges of remote working – productivity, performance, security, support, technology, training, and collaboration.

Our tools, technology, and our people, ensure your business can thrive in an increasingly remote world. Our teams help you unlock high-performance outcomes with flexible, resilient services delivered dynamically from anywhere in the world.

Sutherland Anywhere® Services

  • Sutherland Sentinel AI™ Vision – Realtime monitoring
  • Sutherland Sentinel AI™ Shield – Data/PII masking
  • Sutherland Sentinel AI™ Audit – Effort monitoring
  • Rapid Technology & Capabilities Assessment
  • Operating Model Design
  • Process & Policy Redesign
  • Organizational Change Management Plan
  • Work at Home Service Blueprint & Business Case
  • Rapid Technology & Capabilities Assessment
  • Operating Model Design
  • Process & Policy Redesign
  • Organizational Change Management Plan
  • Work at Home Service Blueprint & Business Case
  • Human Factor Considerations
  • Mastering Your Virtual Day
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Knowledge Management
  • Remote Collaboration Techniques
  • Desktop & Behavior Analytics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Work Allocation
  • Workflow Automation and Analytics
  • Recruiting
  • Remote Training
  • Community Management
  • Performance Management
  • Work Assignment
  • Employee Experience
  • Omni-Channel Support
  • Workflow Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Network
  • Equipment
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Compliance (Industry & Function Specific)
  • Managed Service Design
  • Platform-Plus Service
  • WAHaaS (Work at Home as a Service)

Sutherland Sentinel AI™

Sutherland Sentinel AI™ provides layers of AI-driven workforce and data privacy controls to secure remote operations. This comprehensive suite of tools are non-intrusive and non-invasive, enabling organizations to balance data and application security, employee welfare and privacy, and productivity management.

As remote workforces continue to grow, Sutherland Sentinel AI™ enables organizations to maintain consistent customer experiences while adhering to company and client security policies, without sacrificing employee privacy.

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Providing What You Need. When You Need It.

Everyone is at a different stage of their WAH journey. For this reason, we designed Sutherland Anywhere® with multiple audiences in mind. It includes consulting for those that are new to WAH, implementation services for those that are taking the plunge, and special tools and performance analytics and enhancements for those that have already dived in. We also provide cloud and networking support for those that are bending under the load — and managed services for those that are looking for a partner that can do it all for them. Whatever stage you’re at, and whatever level of support you require, we’re here to help you.

The Outcomes

Talent Acquisition

Access high-impact talent at the right time, anywhere in the world

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Counter the risk of disruption to business operations due to unpredictable, destabilizing events

Distributed & Flexible Workforce

Create a highly diverse geographically distributed workforce; staffing up or down to manage volume surges and business seasonality

Case Study Leading US provider of Financial Services

Rapid Headcount Increase
for CME Giant

Our Results


Reduction in average handle time

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