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Analyze every customer interaction and turn them into actionable insights, no matter what part of your enterprise touches them.

Experience is the Brand.

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Sutherland CX360 – AI Powered CX Intelligence Platform

The Challenge

Are you still analyzing only 3% of your entire customer interactions, failing to gain critical insights like service quality, compliance and agent behavior?  

Customer operations leaders report they essentially miss out on reviewing up to 97% of their call center’s interactions. They don’t have the tools to fully understand customer sentiment. They instead have to focus on quality audits based on small sample sizes.

Analyze Customer Journeys with Interaction Insights

Gain insights on consumer journey stage, sentiment, consumer and agent behaviors, and topics discussed on 100% of the interactions.

Drive Future of Quality with Quality Automation

Automate quality monitoring with AI and machine learning to audit each and every interaction, not just manually auditing a mere 3%. Get reliable, granular insights on quality adherence by intent types, product, geography, etc.

Transform Experiences with the Power of Predictive Outcomes

Move past operational KPIs and drive program outcomes such as CSAT, FCR, Retention and Sales. Gain intelligence on every interaction by linking customers interactions detail with outcome KPIs using predictive analytics.

Sutherland CX360 Offerings

Interaction Insights

  • Deep-dive omnichannel interaction analysis into customer expectations
  • Rich insights into agent behavior
  • Sentiment, Topic, DSAT Analytics

Quality Automation

  • AI/ML enabled automation of QA of omni-channel interactions
  • Automated QA reports
  • Personalized agent coaching guidance
  • Intuitive and insightful interaction, agent and team scorecards

Predictive Outcomes

  • Predictive models for outcomes (CSAT, FCR, Conversion rates, etc.) by Interaction, Agent and Team
  • Identify and quantify drivers of business outcome KPIs
  • Leader boards at program, team and agent level to prioritize action against outcome KPIs

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