Chart a New Course with Integrated Insurance Solutions and Ecosystems

Bring the most integrated toolset of AI, automation, data, and CX solutions to operations by working with an insurance partner that partners with the very best. At Sutherland, we pride ourselves on nurturing long-term client relationships built on reliability and trust.

The insurance industry is at a critical inflection point. From technological change to a growing focus on personalization, insurers – and others in the industry – that respond to customer demands with the right blend of digital transformation, innovation, and resilience can achieve sustainable growth. Those that don’t will be left behind.

Rising customer expectations and evolving risks demand data-driven insights, individualized services, and streamlined processes if efficiencies are to be achieved and experiences optimized.

Insurance Industry outlook: Thrive in Uncertainty - Strategic Opportunities & Challenges Ahead


what fraud costs insurers annually


projected insurance industry investment in generative AI by 2030


revenue lost annually due to declining customer loyalty and poor CX


annual losses to US insurers from natural disasters

Interview: Hiscox USA CEO on Why Sutherland Is the Perfect Digital Transformation Partner

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Hear from Hiscox USA CEO Kevin Kerridge on how partnering with Sutherland propelled this small commercial insurer to the top spot in the U.S.

Hiscox was the first to launch a digital insurance presence for small business owners in the U.S. They had a head start, but as the market evolved, competitors were starting to catch up.

Keen to stay on top of the leaderboard, Hiscox chose Sutherland for an ambitious transformation, promoting new growth, redefining customer experience, and driving end-to-end efficiencies.

Watch the video to hear from Hiscox CEO Kevin Kerridge on what made Sutherland the best partner for their journey.

Sutherland is the partner you need that strides the world of insurance.

  • Drive top-line growth while improving customer retention. Our solutions are digitally-enabled and we boast one of the largest licensed talent pools for direct sales and omnichannel servicing anywhere.

  • Deliver tailored customer experience. Our integrated set of both proprietary and partner CX automation, AI-powered platforms, human-centric design, and analytics capabilities create tangible results across the whole customer journey.

  • Transform your business. Our proprietary products and solutions use domain-driven analytics, end-to-end automation, and cloud-based insurance technology for faster and seamless data infusion

Segments we Serve

Property and Casualty Insurance

Sutherland is a full ecosystem partner for P&C insurers, offering AI, analytics, and automation solutions for data-driven operating practices that deliver tangible business outcomes.

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Life, Annuity and Group Benefits

Sutherland designs and delivers exceptional customer experiences, automates touchpoints, and transforms operations with a host of accelerators and technologies for Life, Annuity, and Group Benefits businesses.

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How Can We Help

Sutherland is a market leader in Sales and policy acquisition services, with 700+ licensed agents in the US; 500M+ in AWP. Our Sutherland Insurance Direct solution drives superior growth for D2C businesses across P&C, Life and Group Benefits

We combine our industry expertise with technology to fast-track the underwriting process, increase accuracy and improve underwriting results and overall profitability. Our Connected Underwriting platform enables digitization and optimization of new business and underwriting operations, improving speed to quote through automation and operations support.

Sutherland offers end-to-end policy lifecycle management, policy issuance, customer support, endorsements, renewals, reinstatements, and cancellations. Sutherland’s digital-first and human centric design approach to policy administration helps carriers reimagine policy-holder and broker experience, eliminate manual efforts to reduce the cost of operations, and foster growth

With end-to-end digitization of claims processes, you can streamline operations for cost reduction, while delivering 30-40% efficiency enhancement.

We provide industry-leading expertise and services from treaty and facultative set-up and reinsurance bordereau preparation to outwards collection and reconciliation.

We re-imagine your customer experience processes using Human centric design, and help deliver a differentiated Digital Experience Center, using Sutherland 3A [Analyze, Automate & Augment] Blueprint

Reinvent your finance operations across performance management areas such as working capital optimization, credit control, collections, premium reconciliation, and more.

Why Sutherland

With an Industry leading NPS of 80+, we’ve helped 80+ top insurance companies in the world to reinvent their business processes.


premium sales written annually


premiums serviced annually


typical increase in underwriter productivity


claims typically processed straight-through


P&C operations digitized


typical improvement in sales conversion


common NPS point uplift

As a long-term strategic partner of Argo’s, Sutherland has reliably delivered automation solutions via their Robility platform and seamlessly married that with their world-class service delivery to enable us to meet our objectives. We consistently leverage their consulting, analytics, and process excellence resources to drive operational improvements and exceed our customer’s expectations.

- Chief Global Business Services & Innovation Officer, Large Commercial and Specialty Lines Insurer

Embedded Digital Solutions

CX Core

Sutherland Connect

Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform.

Sutherland CX360

AI-based Customer Interaction Analytics Platform

Sutherland Conversational AI

Conversational AI solution, with integrated voice and text automation

Sutherland HelpTree & Cognitive Knowledge Engine (CKE)

Cognitive knowledge base, with Next Best Action [NBA]

Sutherland Engage

AI augmented Analytics and Integrated Transactional Desktop Solution

Sutherland Agent Assist

AI-driven agent support and knowledge suggestion solution

Digital Core

Sutherland Extract

Digitization@Source, with advanced NLP, ML and OCR Capabilities

Sutherland Robility™

Innovative hyper automation platform, with intelligent workflow, custom rule management, intelligent automation & ML models

Sutherland Unification Layer

Orchestration platform for unification of discrete legacy systems

Sutherland Translate AI™

NLP-based embedded translation platform for digital channels.

Sutherland SmartLeap™

Proprietary solution for IT service management, with remote diagnosis and solution recommendation for cyber risk protection.

Sutherland Sentinel™ and Anywhere®

A platform solution for remote workforce integration

Data Core

Sutherland CATS

Proprietary risk modeling platform for catastrophe modeling

Data Enrichment AI

AI solution for data enrichment through internal and external sources for comprehensive risk assessment

Submission Scoring AI

AI powered tool to assist underwriters in evaluating and scoring submissions with greater accuracy and efficiency

Collect AI

Proprietary Collections Analytics platform, with AI & Machine learning capabilities to predict delinquency and improve collections

Growth Analytics

D2C and Partner Policies Analytics model, with key insights to increase customer lifetime value

One/low Touch Claims

Proprietary solution to automate and streamline the claims management

Case Study

Top 3 Group Benefits Carrier Transforms their Claim Servicing Operations With the Right Mix of Technology, Group Benefits Domain Expertise, and Compassion

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Reduction in operating cost and 10+ points CSAT uplift

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Case Study

Empowering a Top 3 Small Commercial Insurer’s Journey: Powering Growth and Exceptional Customer Experience

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Reduction in customer issues resolution time

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