Supercharge your agent experience with Sutherland Agent Success

Enhance agent efficiency and effectiveness with our AI-powered solution that seamlessly integrates into your agent workspace platform.

Sutherland Agent Success is a Cloud-based, AI-powered solution designed to enhance the productivity of contact center agents in their customer interactions.

The solution integrates with omni-channel solutions and customer CRM and support applications, offering agents intelligent and real-time guidance and suggestions. Consequently, agents gain the ability to deliver unparalleled customer service marked by heightened empathy and prompt, well-informed responses.

The foundation of Sutherland Agent Success rests upon Google Cloud and Google CCAI technology, which offer state-of-the-art natural language understanding and speech recognition technology.

In addition to this robust foundation, Sutherland has added proprietary technologies, including patented Augmentation technology and Generative AI capabilities.

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Value Delivered

Unified Workspace Experience

Drive agent efficiency with a unified web interface at the agent’s fingertips, boosting productivity.

Response Suggestions

Provide recommendations to agents in real-time in the form of relevant knowledge base content or Gen AI-powered responses, automatically and without the agent manually searching.

Summarization & Entity Extraction

Create concise summaries of engagements while accurately identifying and categorizing named entities and key phrases.

Agent Autopilot

Automates routine chat interactions for agents or allows the conversation to be handled by a virtual agent.

Real-Time Coaching

Drive immediate improvements by guiding agents in real-time, in an automated programmatic way or with smart filtering that allows managers to prioritize situations.

Conversational Insights

Make data-informed decisions on team performance and voice of the customer with detailed reports that surface Key Moments, and outcome predictions

Why Sutherland?

Best-of-Breed Technologies

Combined with a user-centric approach to design and software to assemble a customizable, integrated solution to drive better CX outcomes.

Infusing Technology, Operational Knowledge and Business Contexts

To tailor solutions for optimal value on Day 1 and through inevitable evolutions and seasons.

Partnerships and Integrations with common 3rd party CX solutions.

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