Digital-First Retail Solutions Driven by Design Thinking

Increasing conversion and efficiency for retailers, CPGs and QSR’s through powerful insight and AI

Transform Your Retail Framework

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All buying channels from eCommerce, physical locations, social media and apps must work in concert to acquire, grow, and maintain your digital customer. To achieve this, businesses need innovative transformation partners who can provide plug-n-play, framework-based solutions. Done right, these solutions enable organizations to maintain the agility required to meet ever-changing customer demands, drive sales conversions and continue to keep customers loyal.

Hiring Sutherland was the best decision we ever made.”

Sutherland Retail is a digital-first operation led by design thinking and integrated AI. We are a leading provider of integrated transformative services leveraging people, automated intelligent processes and technology platforms. We service Retailers, QSRs and CPGs with end-to-end solutions that support both front and back office operations creating a frictionless journey. Our solutions help optimize customer lifetime value; transform and automate front and back-office processes; and improve profitability.

"Sutherland excels in delivering measurable results through standardized tools, persona-based talent, and innovative solutions. With a growing partner network and client acclaim for responsiveness and collaboration, Sutherland's gain-share models bring a pragmatic outlook to the retail and CPG industry."

- Ashish Chaturvedi, Practice Leader, HFS Research

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Retail Services

Meeting increasing consumer and customer omni-channel shopping expectations require CPG manufactures to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics. We help CPGs develop and deploy innovative digital transformations that reimagine consumer and channel experiences to drive brand growth.

Our industry-tailored solutions and platforms leverage design thinking, digital transformation consulting, intelligent data, analytics, AI/machine learning, omni-channel enablement, and hyper-personalization to influence customer behavior and deliver the highest levels of customer experience.

  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Design Thinking / Customer Experience Design
  • Customer Loyalty and LTV Engagement Management
  • Customer Service/Hyper-personalization
  • Content Moderation and Safety
  • Analytics as a Service
  • Human Capital Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Facilities Management as a Service
  • Design and Research Services

Global brands are moving away from catalog-style websites in favor of experience-rich websites and apps. From storefront content creation to product listings and SKU management, we create high quality content that allows for unmatched data mining and personalization.

Sutherland provides quality people from across the world who are trained to leverage platforms and solutions.

The Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry is evolving due to a rapid change in guest engagement and buying patterns. Our QSR-tailored solutions influence guest behavior and deliver the highest levels of guest experience.

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