Reinvent Language Translation with Sutherland Translate AI™

Get the best In-Context Translation by optimizing Best-in-Class Technology

Today, contact centers are on the front lines of CX and are critical differentiators for brands. Translation engines help those centers communicate effectively and efficiently with customers. But translation solutions can fall short – especially when communicating without localized context.

We apply AI and machine learning to best-in-class translation engines from partners like Google, Microsoft, DeepL, Open AI, and others. The Sutherland Translate AI™ platform captures queries sent via messaging, email, or social media in the customer’s native language and seamlessly converts them in real time into the agent’s language. All without losing detail or cultural nuance in translation.

Sutherland Translate
Sutherland Translate

There are many translation solutions out there. But only Sutherland Translate AI™ matches your brand’s unique context requirements by selecting from among top translation engines and then applying specialized context optimizers to fine-tune translation capability—marrying Sutherland innovation and technology

The Value You Create With Sutherland Translate AI™

Enterprise implementation across functional and geographical groups provides uniform service delivery and cost reduction, expediting new-market entry without expanding footprint

Improve cycles of recruiting, attrition, shrinkage, and schedule optimization

Train new languages in less than 3 weeks, onboard new advisors in as little as 48 hours, and leverage the same skilled advisor across many languages in a multi-partner, secure environment

Expand hours of operation, improve SLA with lower customer wait times, and realize higher CSAT
Product experts in one language become experts across many languages, gaining new skills and growing their career
Improvements in productivity, CX metrics, and employee satisfaction make for a win-win partnership

The Benefits Sutherland Translate AI™ Delivers

It helps your business achieve:

  • More contextual conversations in more languages
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Greater productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Geographic reach without a local presence

It helps your customers achieve:

  • Being better understood with fewer delays
  • Happier issue resolution
  • Deeper brand connection

It helps your advisors be:

  • More helpful & effective
  • More satisfied with their work
  • Better positioned for career success